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Kindness and trudging onward


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This past week has been very very difficult for B and me. He is very weak and sick and still reeling from the CT SCAN report.

We have been prayerful and trying to find our hopeful addietude again.............kind of like the mojo search that Cindi is traveling.


I want to tell you something AWESOME.

My sister, Mary Jan, (My god-daughter's mom) who also has a son in Iraq, and a full time job and a Daughter moving to Milwaukee for grad school from VA where she has been working in a Jesuit Outreach Volunteer Program, and a husband who works too many hours and on and on, did this for Brian:

She made a CD. She put the avatar we use on this forum on the cover, altered by adding a SuperMan S Logo where the Bear's logo is on Bri's sweatshirt. There are 14 tracks on the CD ~ all with lyrics containing the word SuperMan except the last track, which is the Star Wars Theme.

It came in a box w/ a Superman Ballcap and a wonderful loving card for Bri and one for me. They started calling Bri SuperMan when he did such an outstanding job not letting the loss of his right hand slow him down at all................the Superman designation has continued during his brave fight with LC.

I am amazed at how people are so good and so kind and so loving and I wanted to share this GOOD NEWS with all of our family here.

Love and friends and family and peace for all of us.


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Hi Pat and Superman,

You know my expression... Priceless.. :D

What a wonderful, wonderful gesture on their part. To take the time and create that CD for you guys. You know that your Brian, is their Super Hero, their Superman. They admire him so much.

Talk about making your day... huh. Something like that could just change a mood in an instant.

You guys are a wonderful couple it shows so much in all your posts. You are a genuine. caring couple who has an inner beauty that really shines through.

Your sister and her husband put their heads together and came up with a great idea for their Super Hero.

Priceless....Priceless....Pricless :wink:


PS. I really hope and I am praying that Brian starts to feel better.

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Pat and Brian,

Thank you for sharing this gift with us. As devastating as this disease is on all of our lives , it has brought with it, as a friend of mine described it , "riches gleaned". The compassion, the love and the support of others is something you may never have felt so vividly if this hadn't happened to us. This very website is a perfect example of how human compassion does exist. It's sad that we have to go through such tragic events in our lives in order to experience these compassionate gifts from others , but then again I have to think how blessed and gifted we are.

Love and Prayers,


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Pat & Brian, I'm sorry this is such a tough time and wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you, along with all the others who care about you so much, and I'm certain many who read things here but never post. What a great gift from your sister! Brian DOES sound like Superman, and you're his perfect mate.


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Pat and Brian, you have a wonderful family :) and the kindness you show must be throughout your family.I am praying for you both and hope things get to be easier. It is time Bri gets a break from all this nonsense and his road should be smoother! God bless you both,Nancy C

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Your friend came up with a great idea!!! You are very lucky to have such a good friend. Listening to all the Superman songs should be very motivational for Brian. It's good to focus on someone like Superman and pull some strength from that character. Dennis always watched the movie "Patton" during rough times and before chemo. Keeping you two in my prayers!!!

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