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Has anyone had spine mets treated?


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The only treatment I've had for spine and rib mets is monthly Zometa. The combination of Zometa and EGFR-inhibitors (Iressa/Tarceva) have kept the mets tiny and luckily I wouldn't know they were there if I didn't see them on the bone scan!

I contacted the doctors at the Cyberknife website, thinking Cyberknife would just "cut them out", and didn't get any encouragement. See my question and Dr. Cunningham's answer regarding Cyberknife in the "Ask the Experts" board.

The Zometa, by the way, hasn't caused any side effects at all - except good ones!


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Dennis received Zometa during chemo and then received 30 days of radiation for his spinal mets. Although the radiation seemed to weaken him a lot, it did seem to decrease the pain dramatically.

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My father had radiation to a spot on his spine and it ead very effective. Essentially cleared it up altogether. He has another spot on his spine now, that as long as it is pain free, his Dr. will treat w/ Tarceva alone. However, she said if it became painful, they could do radiation, also. His Dr. has said that bone and spine and *relatively* easy palces to treat. Good luck.

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My Brother had radiation to his spine where cancer had eaten right through a bone and he was unable to walk and the pain was horrible. After radiation he said his back felt better than it had his whole life. He had no more pain and walked and did anything he wanted with no problems.

God Bless You,


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