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Guest spiritual

We were at Kaiser awaiting my partner's mri test when she had a seizsure. She was then admitted to the hospital. After CST exam, they found mets to the brain. She will be given radiation tomorrow 8/15 and then most likely release on Tuesday.

Iressa / Traceva / gemzar & carbo have been her treatments to date but no positive results.

The doctor at the hospital said that the cancer is aggressive.

I don't know what to make of all this but any thoughts from the gang I can use some feedback.



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Boy what a scary experience for you, thank goodness you were at the doc's so she received help so quickly.

Don't lose hope, there are many others on this site that have had brain mets and have been treated successfully.

My prayers are with you.


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Sorry about what happened. That must have been so scary for you. I cannot answer your question about the brain mets. But plenty of people have had successful treatments.

Try not to worry, she is in good hands.


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Guest spiritual

My partner will have radiation to the head and then be sent for an MRI. She will most likely be released on Tuesday.

An interesting issue came up yesterday. I was on the phone with Hospice to get some questions answered and I was told that my partner had mentioned to a social worker, "how do I tell my partner, I don't want anymore treatment. The only reason I am doing this is for her. I don't want scare her."

This was very shocking to hear. I went to the hospital to talk with her and I told her if she recalled telling the social worker this news. She said, "I don't remember saying anything like that. I know I would tell you what I feel since we have a strong communication and we are honest with one another from day one. I do remember telling her that I had problems with the washer and dryer and some other stuff but not anything like that. I wouldn't keep that stuff from you. why would I. That is hard to believe right now"

Gang, I don't know really what to make of all this!

My partner would never lie to me. Why would Hospice say something like this?

This is why I have a hard time time believing anyone.

Nevertheless, I told my partner, "okay will let's start right here tonight with what we have to face."

We talked, we cried, we laughed.

So, she does want radiation and then she wants to come home. Those are her wishes and she knows I here to help make the transition from one to the other.

I am now taking time off from work and will see what happens day to day. She may be with us 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months. I will stay with her to the end.

I just wanted to bounce that stuff of my chest.

I guess whatever happened yesterday is not important anymore. Today is a new day for us all.

Bless us all.

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This must have been a terribly frightening experience for you. I hope the radiation takes care of the mets and there are no more seizures. Saying prayers for both of you!

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