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NEWSWEEK COVER: Lung Cancer: Who's at Risk?

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I recieved this from LUNGevity and wanted to pass this along to everyone:

Dear Friends--

Fantastic news. Due to the perseverance of the LUNGevity Founders and all of your support throughout the years, LUNGevity is receiving national recognition for its tremendous accomplishments -- we are in this weeks edition of Newsweek. Below is a link to the story. Please email this story to all of your contacts -- a reminder to them of your support of our important mission.

Then, go out and buy (or encourage all of your friends to buy) this weeks edition of Newsweek. Let's show the media how much we care about the coverage of lung cancer issues...and make sure everyone is aware of LUNGevity and its important mission -- to find a cure for lung cancer.

Finally, the 2005 LUNGevity Link newsletter is in the mail. Your contacts should begin receiving it this week. Please make sure that they have received it and are reading it. Encourage them to pass it along to everyone who they know who might be interested in finding a cure for lung cancer. Please call or email us if you need additional copies of the newsletter to share with your family, neighbors, or colleagues.

Thank you for all of your support.

Together, we WILL find a cure for lung cancer.

Joel Massel

The Deadliest Cancer

Lung cancer kills more Americans than any other type of malignancy-and some of the victims never smoked. But despite grim statistics there is some good news: fresh research offers hope for earlier diagnosis and more-effective treatments.

http://g.msn.com/0MN2ET7/2?http://www.m ... lThis&CE=1


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