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Transportation in Heaven


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Three men died on the same day and stood in line together outside the Pearly gates.

When the first of the three reached the front of the line, St. Peter asked him, "You must tell me honestly, how many times did you cheat on your wife in life?" The man looked scared but answered "About 50 times." St. Peter gave him a car key and said, "You will travel through eternity in an old VW bug!"

The second man moved up to the front and when St. Peter asked him the same question, he answered, "10 times." St. Peter handed him car keys and said, "You will travel through eternity in an old Ford Escort!"

When the third man had to answer St. Peter's question, he answered without fear, "I never, ever cheated on my dear wife!" St. Peter handed him the keys to a solid gold Cadillac!

About a year later, the three men were all stopped at the same red light on one of Heaven's boulevards. They waved to each other in recognition. The man in the VW noticed the man in the gold Cadillac was crying and asked, "My goodness, what could possibly be wrong?"

"My wife must have died," the man sobbed. "I just passed her on the last block!"

"But, isn't that a good thing," the man in the VW asked. "Now you can be together for eternity!"

"Yes, I know," the man in the Cadillac sniffled. "But...she was on roller-skates!"

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