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The box of doilies


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Shortly after their 40th anniversary, a couple sold their home and packed to move. The husband came across an old cigar box in the back of the bedroom closet. He opened it to find two white lace doilies and about $1000 in cash. Surprised, he carried the box downstairs and asked his wife to explain.

"Well, dear, " she said, "on our wedding day my mother gave me that cigar box and told me if I wanted to have a happy marriage I'd hold my tongue when you made me mad and make a lace doily instead. By the time I finished the doily, I'd be over my anger. it was very good advice!"

The husband smiled. After 40 years of marriage, there were only two doilies in the box.

"But, honey," he asked, holding up the wad of money, "what's all this?

"Oh, that's the money I made selling all the doilies!"

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