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CT today and The Game Plan


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I have a CT of my chest, abdomen and pelvis today at 1:15 and then a 2:30 appointment with my onc to see what the game plan will be.

I called in this morning and asked one of the gals in my onc's office to call up to CT and ask for a "wet reading" which means an immediate, initial impression called in to my onc.

What is likely to be needed to take care of my brain mets won't do a d*mn thing for my liver tumors...so my onc is going to have to get creative, I guess, depending on what the CT shows. If there is progression in the liver or elsewhere in my gut...this ain't going to be easy.

Hardly slept last night. Me, with Addietude. :roll: I'm like a bug on a hot skillet. Had to take a Zofran this morning as I'm literally sick to my stomach from nerves.

I didn't do this all weekend. Held myself together until about 1:30 in the morning today. Have been awake ever since and of course, had to quit eating and drinking at 8:30 or so....for the CT.

A ginger ale would settle my tummy some...but gotta wait till after the scan.

I ask you all for good thoughts. For nothing going on in my liver or elsewhere in my gut. For a good game plan for the brain mets that - while I know it will render me fully hairless again - I hope it won't do any worse than that.

Deep breath.

I can do this and be okay.

There will be a good plan.

I can do this.

P.S. Anybody wanna hold my pork chop for me, for the next 2-3 hours? :wink:

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I was gonna take the pork chop, but that's been done already. Good thing, because I don't think I could resist taking a bite! :wink:

Sending strength and strong wishes that you come away from this day with a kick-*ss plan and a sense of confidence that things will turn out well.


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Well the pork chop would be safe with me but Joanie beat me to it. How about I hold the bloody mary? You are right--you can do this. We're all here with you, call the nurse back and tell her you'll need extra chairs for the room. Wishing you a good plan...


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Hey Addie ~

I was gonna offer to hold your porkchop...I just got back from my scan this a.m. and have nothin' better to do, other than pace, work on the 'puter, pace some more, contemplate what time to call the doc tomorrow, if I don't hear first, pace, etc. I could tap the chop on the table in time with my nervous fingers, and toes :wink: (Blah...I HATE scan time :shock: )

I see many offers have been made for the chop, but I'll mentally be holding your hand, and praying for the VERY BEST outcome, and wisdom for your docs in planning the next attack!!! Hang in there, dear Addie!

~ Stacey

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Okay the Chop is being cared for by Joanie and Ginny is going to serve Bloody Marys, as soon as you give us the game plan.(good news game plan) Ya know, I'm thinking that damn pork chop must have jumped off the grill last night when I was trying to cook them! :?:shock::P:P:wink: I still say, cook the pork chop on the grill! :roll:

Wish there was some way to get those knots out of your tummy for you. Hang on tight kiddo! We're cheering for you!!!

Saying extra Prayers for you.


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Well, I better get my pork chop back because I won't be doing any more drinking any time soon. :? Except at Cin's Pub!

I have to tell you first...I'm back on track, mentally. The CT techs know me by now...and I told her my worries and after she scanned me she came back in the room and said, "I think your liver looks just fine! Of course I don't have any old scans to compare to...but it looks fine!"

It was like a 1,000 lbs. lifted off me. In actual fact...this was at 1:45...and by the time I saw Cooper, he had the prelim. report in his hands. My liver is stable. No specific info yet...but NO growth or NEW tumors.

Huge relief.

As for the brain tumors...we will radiate. Cooper says "It works. We know it works. So we use that first!"

If I were ever to need more tx for brain tumors, Temodar will be an option...but it doesn't always work and radiation invariably does. As he pointed out too, my brain mets are all pretty small. He seems confident rad. will wipe them out...AND I stay on the Topotecan for my liver mets...because, "It's still working!"

Thanks to all of you for the prayers and support. I just know it helps. I was a mess this morning compared to how I normally deal with this stuff...and now I'm fine....but for the fact that I have to go on Dilantin to make sure I don't seizure and I cannot drink and it's recommended I don't drive for now.

My onc is also putting me on Decadron...8 mgs daily. So I will stop my prednisone and hope the Decadron pills treat me as well as the infusions. The 'roids really don't bother me much. They make me talk a lot...but I was head of my class in the "talks too much department" long before steroids! :wink:

Anyway, Cin's got her Mojo back and I've rediscovered my Addietude....so watch out at the pub tonight, cuz the lime slices and celery sticks will be flying for sure! :roll::D

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