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First Day of Radiation


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Hi Everyone,

Well it's my first day and I'm feeling sick to my stomach from a Vicodin hangover. I had hoped to wake up with minimal pain and a good attitude but these narcotics just make me feel awful and I'm having a really hard time coping this AM.

I know there's nothing to be afraid of with the treatment. It's not going to hurt and will only take a few minutes but I just feel awful and want to crawl back into bed. I haven't felt this wimpy in a LONG time and I just HATE it.

I just needed to vent and my apologies for sounding like such a child but it's been a rough weekend of pain and now I have to drag myself everyday for the next 5 weeks for treatment that I have no idea if it'll do any good.

For those out there who have had positive experiences I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for letting me cry on your collective shoulders.


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If YOU don't get to complain once in a while, then I won't get to and sometimes I NEED to! :lol: The things that you mentioned are MORE than enough reason to vent. Sorry you are having these experiences. Hope the radiation will take away the need for the icky drugs, but I can imagine it's a hassle having to go every day.

By the way, I used to live in your"general vicinity"! I lived in Ridgecrest from '83 - '91 and in Cal City on and off between '92 and '98! Have you had a hot, muggy August? I remember those. :roll:

Wishing you an easier time than you've been having,


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Thank you to everyone for your kind words, prayers, encouragment and premission to vent. It's incredible knowing that all of you are out there and that we all care for one another so much.

The treament went well and it was a lot faster and easier then I thought it would be. I also met with the social worker who helped me put a few things into perspective.

The doc was incredibly kind and assured me that he felt any side effects I might have will be minimal. Unfortuantely part of my stomach will be hit but he didn't think it would make me really ill just a bit queasy if at all. Sure hope he's right about that. I'm a real baby when it comes to getting sick. :oops:

So one down and 24 to go. Hopefully time will fly by and I'll be on the other side of all of this before I know it.

Thanks again for being there. Y'all are the best!! :D

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Hi Antoinette.

You are not unlike the rest of us. This ain't no trip to the Dairy Queen.

Try to take the treatments one day at a time. It is a journey. Whatever comes down the pike be sure to report it to your rad. nurses so that they can help manage your side effects, if any.

And believe!!! Believe and visualize the beams shrinking the tumor(s)! This is a must! Lots use Star Wars fighting scenes in their brains. I truly believe that on some level that this is very helpful.

You come here and whimp out all you want. You gotta let it go somewhere!

Hang in there, girl.

Cindi o'h

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Wow, when you said, "one down and 24 to go"! WOW, did that bring back memories to me!! :roll: I hoestly have to tell you that when this IS all over with, your going to look back and say, wow, that really went fast!!! :wink:

I'm sorry your not feeling well. Do you HAVE to take the meds? Are you having pain? Just wondering!

When I walked in to do my radiation, I kept saying to myself, (I can do this, I can do this, I won't get sick) And I did my chemo and radiation tretments together and I had very few side effects. I'm going to hope and pray that you will have that same kind of journey. Sometimes the first few days are the tough ones, and for some people as the treatment goes on, the side effect get better. Plus it's always scarey walking into this knowing the unknown. In a few days from now, you'll be a pro at this. 8) Just keep in mind, it's only short lived. Not something you would want on your resume. :P

Hang in there the best you can. And I'm hear to tell you, it's AOKAY to feel like a child when your going through this crud. It's not FUN!! :(

We're here when ever you need us.


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I had 28 treatments (5 1/2 weeks) and my esophagus was in the field. First week was a breeze...second week wasn't a big deal...third week, the irritation began in my throat with a bit of a tickle when I swallowed... Week four brought difficulty in swallowing...week five swallowing was painful and something I had to force myself to do. I thought it would start getting better immediately after my last session...uh, yeah...

It WILL get worse before it gets better. It climbs to bad faster than it eases into getting better. One day, you just notice that you can swallow again.

I don't know what it will mean for you to have your stomach in the field, but if there is discomfort caused, it will be more 24/7 than just during the two minute zap.

My cancer is different than yours, but radiation was the only treatment I was offered after surgery until I conned my oncologist into signing me up for the Iressa trial - and then begged him to pull me off two months later. I'm about 30 months out from surgery.

Good luck to you!


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Glad it went well today! I'll bet Connie's right about how you will look back when it's all done and think it went by pretty quickly. Hope so!

My husband pointed out to me that you are actually down near Palm Springs and farther away from my old desert stomping grounds than I was thinking. I realise now I was thinking of Palmdale! So...never mind! :oops:


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