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cindi o'h

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Justakid says that her oncologist was "pissed" and that a head would roll. He said that the pulmonologist is not a cancer doctor and has no right telling Beth the things that she said. He said there are plenty of things that he hasn't tried.

She said she was tired and would write more later!

Thought I would let you all know.

Cindi o'h

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Now, THAT ONC is a doc who knows how to hold a pork chop...eh? :wink:

What's with these pulmonary docs saying there's nothing more to be done? Sheesh. What would she know about chemo or other txs? :roll:

Tell Beth we miss her and her humor. Tell her you got your Mojo back and I've rediscovered my Addietude and Beth better find her...her.....you know....whadda we call that thing?.....oh shoot.....I'VE GOT IT....it's her Bumor!! (Beth + humor = Bumor! :D )

We could use a little Bumor in the Pub, couldn't we, Cin? :wink:

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