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Lucie's PET Scan -- Not Good

Don Wood

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Well, rats! And other appropriate expletives! We went to the med onc today and got the PET scan report. The LC has returned in multiple parts of Lucie's body. Liver (some new places -- and the onc has ordered a CAT scan to assess better, which she will undergo on Friday). Bones: right hip, sacrum, spine - several places, lower left rib posterior, right shoulder. her right lower leg has been hurting again, so that is most probably a spot as well.

Onc has ordered Navelbine/Gemzar combination to start Thursday. First week, both; second week, Navelbine alone; third week, nothing. She will also get Neulasta and Aranesp shots for blood buildup.

We are disappointed, yes, but there are treatments. We are hopeful that this treatment will be as successful as previous ones. Keep us in your prayers. Don

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Oh Don, I am so sorry to hear that Lucie's PET results were not what we were all hoping for. I know that Lucie is a fighter and will have a lot of success with this treatment. Please let her know that she has our love, thoughts and prayers.

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Dearest Don and Lucie,

CRUMMY. But I've never seen such a fighter as Lucie and she wins every time. Let's get her to the treatments! And I think you might be the best "treatment" she has and you are right there with her again this time.

Best thoughts,


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this stinks. no two ways about it. I'm so sorry you got such crummy news today. Don, you have been SO there for me and everyone else here - PLEASE let us know how we can support you.

put up your dukes, Lucie girl, I know you have this fight in you.

this is a heartbreaker. I am praying hard for you guys.



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Oh Bummer!! :( This isn't a very good August so far. Can we fast forward this or maybe back space to better days with some good news???

I'm sorry to hear that Lucie has to start chemo again. But, I am thankful that she still has options and is willing to continue the fight. :wink:

You two are just the GREATEST!!! Sending up my prayers for you both.

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Don and Lucie, these were not the test results anyone would want :( --but if anyone can fight this it is dear Lucie :) . She is such a fighter and has done well in the past--so let's just hope and pray, pray, and pray all will be well. Stay strong and hang in there. Don, you have been one of the most supporting people on this post for me. So I know you will be pushing Lucie along the fight. God bless, Nancy C

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