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Rib Bone Removed During Surgery


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I had a rib bone removed during one of the procdures that I had when I had surgery. I had a boroscoptophy, thoracotomy and lobectomy. Two other ribs were "pulled togegether" to protect the space of the missing rib. Does anyone know how long it will be before the discomfort goes away? It feels painful. Thank you for any information.


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I had a rib removed also and it takes TIME! I think it took me a good 2 to 3 months before I felt less pain. I wouldn't over do anything for a while. It hasn't been that long for you. But, just for the lark of it, always keep your doctor informed of you pain. And always stay on your pain pills to keep that pain under control You WON'T become addicted! HONEST!

Oh, and I had my chest cracked open twice within 10 weeks for my open heart surgery, and it just takes time.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Take it easy.

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Hi Carol,

I had the center of my 4th rib removed during Lobectomy on 9-15-03 and I still have pain. Had bone removed from hip in 1995 for a fusion in my neck and it took 4yrs. to stop hurting. Everyone is

soooo different. I know people had ribs removed and had no pain. Go figure. Good luck and take care.


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