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here I am. Milli, thank you so much for thinking of us - and Connie, Brat, Addie. I feel so loved here. it's truly an amazing feeling. it's sustaining.

Suki had a horrible Thurs. - Sun., then, as often seems to happen with these things, everything started to look up yesterday. her white count went down to 7 (normal, from what I hear - it was nearly 4 times that when she went back in to the hospital!) and they removed the chest tube this morning. she was so, so scared about that, because the insertion on Fri. was so excrutiating, and her lung actually collapsed for one painful, scary second when they first hooked her up. happily, the tube came out MUCH easier than it went in.

they are transitioning her to oral pain meds and antibiotics, hopefully a sign that she'll go home soon. I added it up today, and I think she's spent a total of 22 nights in the hospital since 6/24.

I trust the docs not to send her home too soon, but she's understandably very anxious - having gone home and come back 3 times now since her pneumonectomy.

we've been playing the "gee, I hope the doc stops by while I'm visiting game" but I just left a message for him to call me directly because we have a lot of questions, not the least of which is "what the heck happened?" it's 99% sure she had pneumonia, but never confirmed.

in any event, she's getting better and I am so, so happy about that. downsides: I don't know how long it will be before she feels secure again, with SO many setbacks occuring just as she was feeling better from the last one, and there is a strong liklihood that her onc will decide NOT to do chemo, in light of the hard road she's had. she's just not strong enough. she'll get tarceva, though, which is good.

this may have been more of an update than you wanted! I guess I needed to get it out. I feel scared for her, a little, and sad she's having such a hard time, I am EXHAUSTED, but mainly I am happy she made it through this and is heading towards health. oh, and she ate all the birthday lobster! :)

and, because it needs to be said, there is nothing to suggest she's anything other than CANCER FREE.

so thanks again for loving and looking for me.



as of 6:30, it looks like she might go home tomorrow. I know I should be elated, and I am, but I am also so scared that something else will happen to her. :cry: I guess I need my mojo back, too.

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I never told you this before...but my first serious beau in high school called me Suki! From that song, popular back in the early 60, Sukiyaki. Your mom might remember it...you're too young. :wink:

But that being the case...I am eminently qualified to hold your pork chop (worries) for a while....deal? You just take care of Suki, keep the faith and rely on the power of Good Vibe Central coming to you from high atop the penthouse at LCSC! :D

Film at 11:00

(Dammit, this oral Decadron is making me sorta weird, eh?! :? )

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Okay Bunny, I THINK I'm glad we looked you up!! :wink: Not funny for Bunny! :roll::wink:

All this is so overwhelming and painful. I have NO DOUBT your BEAT! (((((((AMIE))))))))

I look back when I went through this with my family, and I have NO CLUE where my energy came from. The Energy Bunny I guess! I just wish there was something I could say, that would take that fear away from you and from Suki, as to, when will that other shoe drop again! We can only HOPE and PRAY she is really on the mend.

Thanks for checking in with us. I tend to worry when people spend a lot of time on the board and then POOF nothing for days. Your entitled to some away time from LCSC. (((((AMIE))))) We'll just hunt you down and drag you back.

Tell her to take it easy if she comes home tomorrow.

My love and support to you and Mom.



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Hi Bunny honey :D

I am really glad your mom is one the mend. She will start to get stronger and feel better in the next couple of days.

I know what you mean by being exhausted. When my was in the hospital, we were there everyday until late for 3 weeks straight and it really works on you mentally, But at least your mom will be coming home and I feel confident that she will be just fine.

I know you know we are are pulling for her.

Prayers sent for her to have a speedy recovery.


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thank you all, a million times. sometimes I feel like a whiner for being so tired out by all of this. today was one of those false alarms I know only people here understand the stress of - we were literally on the way out, when her surgeon opted for one more day in hospital, just to make sure. I support his decision, but anyone who's ever driven in NYC knows why it made me a little bazonkers to drive in to get her, and leave Suki-less.

I have been advised by those close to me that I have lost it just a wee bit :lol: - so instead of going to work, I will use the rest of this 'personal day' for my, well, person.

love y'all.



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