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Uncle Doug


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My own plate has been a tad full lately, but even at that, the other evening I thought to myself....Where the heck has Uncle Dougie been? :roll:

I'm sending out a strong, positive vibe that all is well and maybe he's just taking an "end of summer" vacation somewhere without his computer.....eh? Doncha bet that's it? Working on his journal, he's gonna come back and post so many entries we'll be asking him to go on vacation again to give us a break! :lol:

Seriously, Doug...hoping all is well and you're doing something fun. Let us know when you can. A lot of us are "mom types" and we worry, you know.

POST FOR YOUR MOTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:

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I have wondered where you were and hoped that you were just busy working on your journal or taking care of your mom. Let us hear from you when you can. Does Ry have your phone number? If not, why not PM it to her so we can keep up with you.

Keeping us all in my prayers.


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We have Doug's email at home.

We have been emailing weekly w/ no response.

We even have used his mom's email address from a post she sent us long ago.

I think I may have found a phone number for him on white pages.com????

I will try to call it later today (When the West Coast wakes up) and see if it is his.............

He and Brian used to go back and forth rather a lot.........


We care and we miss you!

Pat and Brian

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the number I found was not correct for Doug........

I will have to hope that he or his mom will answer one of our emails.

Dr. Xuan is his docs name in Tacoma???

I thought about calling her office, but decided against it.

Doug's brother is a doctor, maybe we can find him, yet.

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Thanks to a memory jogger from our Katie B I had an epiphany.

Uncle Doug always copied Brian on his journal e mailings to his family.

I dug one of those posts up and hit reply to all (MANY MANY folks) with a plea for an update.

I will let you know when I hear.


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To all and Sundry:

I have been on a short hiatus without realizing how my absence might have effected y'all. A family friend passed from pancreatic cancer this past month and some of my scans have been less than stellar.

All of you have been so supportive and loving and I only just now realize how much I've missed you. Look for a wordy, boring and hopelessly useless Journal entry this week. I will be posting an email from on deck the "S.S. Remission" next weekend as my brother takes me on a long anticipated cruise to Alaska. His way of bonding and reaffirming our family and sibling ties. I love him for it.

I'll be writing again very soon. Thank you all for your concern.

"Uncle" Doug Russell


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