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Mom called a little bit ago while waiting to start the first of up to 4 rounds of 5-hour chemo...

The primary tumor that started out at around 2.4cm is now less than an inch! The lymph nodes are NOT lighting up anymore! There are NO NEW tumor sites!! So, all that's left is that little bugger in her noggin to take care of and we're praying the chemo she's going to do now will kick the rest of it to the curb and the SRS will zap that puppy in her head!!

Excited doesn't even cover it, and i'm SO glad to be able to come here and share the GREAT NEWS with all of you!!!

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Slides on up to the bar and orders a white russian for myself and a room temperature koolaide for mom! (that darned ole esophagus :roll: ) but soon enough i think i'll be sharing a white russian with her!

Thanks everyone! Cheers! And get a round on me!

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Thank you to all for the support and prayers from all of you - I knew Missy would get here first and spread the great news - I get to buy the first round !!!!

I am so happy with this news -. It feels like years before I could even find out anything. I thought that if they didn't say the cancer was GONE I would be upset - BUT NO _ one dr explained it to me as " we're trying to get a speeding train to slow down then go in reverse - some times it takes some time for the train to get turned around ". The news of the primary tumor is getting smaller was some of the happiest news to me !! I never thought I could be so happy ! One step at a time. One little step is as good as a mile. Then the news of NO SIGN OF ANY OTHER CANCER FROM THE NECK DOWN was the best news ever!!

Of course we still know the one in the brain needs to have the SRS done yet - that should be in 10 days !!

I started my 5 hour chemo today !! could be 3 to 4 -more chemo's.

So everyone get to the pub, have a few for me. I'm buying!!! Save some room temp koolaide for me- for now!!

I know I still have a fight on my hands. But a little good news helps to be able to deal with the bad.

Thanks to all !!


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okay, Missy..

You put Mom on the short stools next to Lori and J.C., Addie will be along in a bit ordering up some cool drink and then wanting only a little splash of vodka!

Mom can have a couple of anything her heart desires! And I need to talk to you about those coupla rounds you ordered for the bar...Lots of riff raff coming in here! lol.

Lindsysmom (Dee) wants a cosmo..but, I swear, don't know how to make one. Drank 'em. Just not made 'em. Cranberry juice splashed on top of what..? Gin?

Help, me, Miss!

love, Cindi o'h

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