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Update on Andrea's Mom


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Just a quick update on Andrea's mom. Her surgery was delayed yesterday; they finally finished around 10 pm last night. She is awake, but still on the ventilator. While in surgery they discovered a leaky aorta and they were able to fix it.

Please keep Andrea's mom in your prayers. Andrea hopes to post more later today.


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I just thought I would share this message with you as well. I'm sure Andrea wouldn't mind!

Hope you don't mind my adding this to your thread?



The surgery lasted till 9:30pm and the next 24 hours are

the most critical. We could only see her unconscious in ICU for 5 minutes

and it was really hard to see her that way. There were some complications

due to all the lung radiation damage. Recovery will be harder b/c of it too.

We pray she will wake up tomorrow. She will not be woken up until the

pulmonologist decides if she can be taken off the ventilator.

What a scary day.

And I somehow have tonsolitis even though my tonsils were supposed to be

removed in first grade

Thanks for all the e- mails and calls!


Prayers are being said for Andrea and her family.

Love & Hugs,


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I've been thinking about Andrea and family and looking for a post. Thanks Denise and Connie for posting the update!

Hope all is okay and Andrea remembers that we are all there with her in spirit..

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Thanks everyone! A quick update:

She is still on a ventilator in ICU. She did acknowledge we were there by squeezing our hand.

She has been in and out of awakedness all day, mostly out.They will evaluate tomorrow if she can come off of ventilator.

After this fiasco, we have another problem, she is losing red blood cells, so in a few weeks will need an endoscopy to check for source of lost of blood. I pray it is not serious.

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Sending prayers for your mom and hoping once she gets off the respirator she will recover nicely

Hang in there as you are going through a tough time right now. Once she off that respirator, healing will begin for her.


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