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Tales from the potty...all true!

gerbil runner

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Some of the recent jokes have made me think of funny but entirely true potty-training "incidents" I have encountered with my 3 kids and many pets.

One of my cats like to use the fireplace. Especially if you laughed at him or his food bowl was empty :twisted: .

Another was so tiny as a kitten, she couldn't climb in the box. I had to put a phone book next to it for a step.

My rottie, as a puppy, "tested" several areas inside the house. Never the same place twice. You could see the thought process..."Is the kitchen OK? Ooops, guess not. How about the dining room? No? Living room? Really? So let me see, the ENTIRE inside of the house is off-limits for potty! Got it!"

Our new puppy hadn't made any mistakes, until he came into the bathroom and saw me helping my 3-year-old use the potty. He promptly squatted on the bathroom floor to join in.

Kyle, my oldest, only needed a listing of everyone he knew who used the potty. Danny required weeks of bribery with M&M's. And still had accidents at 4 because he was "too busy". JJ was the hardest. After we finally convinced him to poop on the potty, I caught him pooping on the lawn - several times :shock: ! I think I've finally convinced him only the dog can poop outside.

Needless to say, I'm a little harder to "gross-out" than I used to be :D . But dog's idea of "almond roca" (from the cat box) still gets to me :shock::shock::? .

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