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Prayers please


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This time for both my mom and dad :( My sister called tonight and told me dad had a check up today and the doctor heard something with his heart beat. He is going in for more tests tomorrow. Dad is over weight, high blood pressure, and has had angina. We have all been worried that the stress of mom might be to much for him, my grandpa died of a heart attack. I'm just so worried about him. I just don't know what this added stress might do. Sis also told me mom is not doing so great. She seems to be getting weaker and is acting stranger than ever. Dad took her to the emergency room on Sunday fearing she may be having another stroke, because she was acting so oddly, they found nothing wronge. He called her regular doctor Monday morning but they never called back. I told my sister to call her oncologist tomorrow and tell him what is going on. He just saw her a week ago and said she just needed time to get back to normal. He took her off her steroids and prescribed some physical therapy, which she started Tuesday. Could stopping the steroids becausing her to act oddly? Well I'm sorry I didn't meant to ramble, just feeling a bit scared tonight.

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Please try not to worry too much....My family is very stressed out ever since my dad was diagnosed. All of us here know what that is like. Just try to hang in there. I am glad that your dad is getting checked out. About your mom, maybe it is getting off the steroids but you need to call your oncologist just to be safe. It could also be her body getting off the steroids...


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Hi Millie,

What a stressful situation for everybody all around.

Please stay positive and pray that everything will work out. Take one day at a time.

I don't know much about coming off the steroids, but I am sure some of our members will get back to you on that.

Hang in there. My heart goes out to you all.

Prayers sent.


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Oh Millie...all of this worry and stress must be terribly hard for you to handle. I'm sending you a big hug ((((((((Millie))))))) and saying prayers for your mom, dad and for YOU!!!!

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