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Caved In Floor Pass

Frank Lamb

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Hi Rochelle,I need to request a hall pass so I can tear down computer move it and repair the floor in the computer room.

Ever since we had those 2 floods last Sept.the floor & other things took substantial damage.Well the whole floor finally collapsed and needs fixed.

May be down a few days or mabe a week,it depends on how many bud lite breaks I take while fixing it.

Thanks and be back as soon as possible.

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You would not believe how glad I was to read that your floor fell in, literally. You have been using euphemisms an awful lot lately and I thought the worst. I am celebrating your rotten floor, Frank, I may even Pop-a-top on a Bud Lite in celebration!

Wa-hoo, just rotten wood!



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Frank, when you're done there, would you mind taking a trip to Texas and fixing the roof in my mother's house? We finally got it sold, and then the buyers left the water on and running (a/c is a "swamp cooler" - typical of West Texas!) and then the rains came, and the ceiling in the den is about to go!

I thought about telling them that was our sprinkler system, except that we believed in immersion rather than sprinkling, so if a fire started, all you'd have to do is poke the ceiling with a stick, and voila -- gallons of water! Don't think they'd go for that though. Oh well.

Do a good job - don't want you tumbling into the rabbit hole through your floor! Hope you're back soon.


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