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They finally let me out


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I've been in the hospital for a week and got out yesterday. Last Wednesday I developed a fever, 5 days after my 2nd Alimta treatment. Went to the ER and they couldn't get the fever to budge, so I was admitted. My fever would spike every day, so it kept me in there for alot longer than I thought!!! :?

They say I had Obstructive Pneumonia. This is where some "crud" gets into the bronchi and my tumor traps it there making it hard to see on the x-ray or CT. Had to go through 3 antibiotics before they found one that finally brought the fever down. I had an allergic reaction to one, that was scary.

I've never been in the hospital for that long. Yuk! I'm so glad to be home with the family. It was hard not having a computer available to see what's been going on with everyone here.

Go see the doc next week. I'm sure we will be discussing the Alimta. Not sure what the plan will be.


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Hi Tann,'

Welcome home!! So glad you are out of that prison... and back where you belong.

You really went throught the wringer. How scarey, that must have been.

Thank G-d they found an antibiotic that work!!! I hope someone makes you a good home cooked meal.

So glad to see you post. :D


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I wondered where you were. So glad that's over with and you're back home where you belong. Here's a quote I think anyone who's been in hospital can agree with:

"A Hospital is no place to be sick."

- Samuel Goldwyn US (Polish-born) movie producer (MGM) (1882 - 1974)

When my husband was in the hospital last autumn for 14 days (!) with pancreatitis he used to groan to me, "Please get me home so I can get some REST!"


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