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Len had his CT scan last week, plus blood work and we met with the oncologist today -- and Len's still NED! He had a bout in late June, early July with pneumonia, a period in which he was feeling pretty awful -- but the pneumonia explains that, and now he's feeling much, much better. Still has some anemia (left over from chemo)but not enough to do anything much about except try to eat spinach and broccoli. Our next big project is to get him really moving and joining me in my morning walks (before I go off to work). The onc. read him the riot act on that one, so we'll see...

pretty happy household tonight....


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Thanks, everyone! We had a great evening tonight at the local branch of Cindi's Pub -- had an old friend over, poured the pinot grigio, enjoyed ourselves a little TOO much...but since it's only 7:54 now, I guess we didn't enjoy ourselves TOO much Too much....

And I've even got the old man to promise to join me tomorrow for an early promenade...we'll see.


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Nikkala (and anyone else who's interested),

We're in Deep River, CT, on the Shoreline/CT River Valley. We lucked out with a wonderful surgeon and then an equally, even MORE, wonderful oncologist at Middlesex Hospital's Cancer Center. We had thought of going back into NY to Sloan Kettering or up to Boston, but a few conversations with people around here persuaded us to give "the locals" a chance, and we've never regretted it. Our oncologist is just tops, keeps on top of everything, goes to the important meetings and has a WILL NOT BE DEFEATED attitude toward lung cancer -- very rare, from what I hear. He consulted with a number of peole about Len's case when he first started treating him and called us about suggested changes in the treatment, so he's truly responsive....and, so far, on track.

Anyway, I'm very happy with him...and I have the knowledge that if we do get in over our heads, the cancer centre had an affiliation with Dana Farber, which is always a good thing to know. Plus our onc.mentioned another tie with Yale New Haven today in regard to something else...so we don't feel the least bit isolated....

Our radiation guy was also good, and, touch wood, the results --so far-- speak for themselves....touch LOTS AND LOTS of wood....


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Ellen and Len...congrats on the fabulous news. So happy to know Len is still hanging out with NED. 8)

I'm near Danbury! Fun to know where others are in the state. I go to Praxair Cancer Center at Danbury hospital and I too, am so happy with my onc. When we were going to be moving out to Arizona...my hubby kept touting the Mayo Clinic that is out there in Scottsdale.

I kept saying I didn't want to move (and we are not...we decided to sell the house we were building out there BEFORE I got the cancer, when I was about 5 mos. into treatment) because out there I'd be a 3-4" thick file. Here, I am a REAL PERSON. They all know me in my onc's office and I know them. It's personal now.

In Arizona I'd be a case file and a face, if I'm lucky.

Having trust in who you see is SO important...and it's good to know there are good doctors elsewhere in the state too! :wink:

Len...you get out there tomorrow and WALK dangit. :roll: I've got brain tumors and played 9 holes of golf today...so you can do a morning constitutional with NED and Ellen. Right???


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