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If the cancer don't get me, the Decadron will!


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Addie, hope you got that sleep and that the altered dosage worked. If not, you'll have enough energy to jog down here from Danbury and accompany us on our walks!

Your house tale beats most of the house horror stories I've heard, and I've heard loads. Now that would NEVER happen here in Connecticut (no, not much....)

GET SOME SLEEP,and I do like Ginny's idea of a therapeutic glass of wine even if that doesn't go so well with liver problems...


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Sometimes, the best way to get thru Life is to laugh your way through. I hope not too many of you thought I'd gone off the deep end forever....but the sarcasm/silliness/mouthing off is part of how I cope.

It's just that, mixed with THE EVIL DECADRON PILLS...one cannot be sure of length! :D The stuff DOES make me voluble...and other than housework (bah!) what the hell else was I gonna do in the middle of the night? :?

Anyway, I had a not quite 2 hr. nappie and just took a "mere" 2 mgs of Decadron...my new twice daily dosage...and am feeling somewhat better.

I must dash off to watch Big Brother 6, which on a normal basis makes me feel ever so content with my life (by comparison), Decadron notwithstanding.

As for booze....it's not my liver that makes it a no-no right now...it's the Dilantin. At some point when my body is all adjusted, I will revisit the subject of alcohol with Cooper. But it won't be wine...it'll be VODKA!! 8)

Thanks for bearing with me, y'all, thru a rough night and morning. :wink:

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Oh Addie my dear, I know how you feel. For me the Decadron was far worse than the radiation. By the way, the radiation is a piece of cake. 30 seconds on one side of your head, 30 seconds on the other. You barely have time to notice your eyelashes are sticking to the mask and it's over! :lol:

That evil "pill" had me in a cleaning frenzy. I'm usually calm and "go with the flow", but my son finally told me that I was just mean and I better get of those drugs before I drove him crazy!!

As for the sleeplessness, my doctor prescribed Ambien and it really helped. It helped my brain settle down. And don't take naps, it only fuels the lack of sleep at night.

Let me know if you have any questions about the WBR. Part of your mood may just be nerves!


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TAnn....you are too cute! 8) If I HAD eyelashes to stick to the mask, I'd rejoice. They pretty much went with the hair loss of 14-15 months ago! :lol:

I had some PCI back in November so know what to expect....although they are telling me that THIS time with the brain radiation, the effects could be a bit more intense.

Last time I took my normal daily prednisone only...NO decadron needed...and other than increased fatigue some days...I did fine.

I've got Ambien, Ativan and a Tylenol product called Simply Sleep which is just diphenhydramine (benadryl) without any pain reliever. I TOOK a Simply Sleep the night before last but it's effects were totally overruled by the Decadron. :roll:

Anyway, am pretty well rested after last night, and am now on half the dosage of Decadron...which is much easier to tolerate (thank goodness, or my hubby would have been after me with a wood chipper! :shock: )

I think I'm gonna make it through alright...but there won't be any middle of the night cleaning binges...I can guarantee you that! :wink:

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