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Charlie's CT results


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Results of Charlie's CTs are not too good. His middle right lobe has collapsed as the result of a tumor blocking his bronchus. How can this be?

We were just out walking at a park today. He and I were walking up and down hills, etc. He was winded some, but so was I.

He will be seeing the rad. onc. in the morning to see about radiation. Anybody had brachytherapy done? Frank: Is that what you had done? Any help is greatly appreciated.

So much for August being a good month. It stinks!!

Continuing to pray for all. Take care.

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tina. I'm so sorry to hear this news. I had been looking for news of your trip to the college, not this! I have no experience to share with you, but I hope and trust the docs get a good plan underway soon. Charlie can handle this, and so can you. we're here for you, girl, and praying for you.



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Ohhhhh Tina, I am so sorry to hear that Charlie's scan wasn't what we had ALL hoped to hear or see! :x

As for the month of August..... I'm with you my friend, it's not been that great of a month for many of our good friends here at LCSC. :( Is it September YET??? :roll:

More prayers are in order. I'll continue to keep Charlie in mine.

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Well, dammitall anyway. :( I guess you're right, Tina..that this has been a more awful than good month...but maybe by month's end, all will turn around for all of us who could use an upswing...and that includes your Charlie.

All good wishes/thoughts are being sent his way even as I type this. Hang in there...and it seems to me that it's got to be a good sign that he can get out and walk like that...eh? Inner strength and otherwise in good shape. Gotta count for something, I think.

Please keep us posted...we'll all be thinking of you and Charlie.

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Thanks for being here for me. I have been very nervous tonight wondering about tomorrow. Based on the Internet research I've done, likely treatments would be brachytherapy via bronchoscopy, laser surgery, IMRT (radiation), or RFA. Don't know what to expect, really. Charlie is suppose to finally get Avastin starting tomorrow. Don't know if this obstruction and possible surgery/radiation will delay this or not. Just need to be patient!

Again, thanks for listening and being such good support to me. You'll rock! Until tomorrow.... One day at a time.

Love you'll!

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As usual, I am on late and just saw this post. I can't believe that you guys are now included in the many this month with bad news. This sucks. I hope tomorrow brings a clearer understanding of what is happening and what the plans are for getting rid of this beast.

Keeping you and Charlie in my prayers.


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