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I'm on cloud 9 right now.

I am a survivor.

More importantly than that, EVERYONE HERE is a survivor of the hardest disease there is.

Just the fact that we have all bonded together and decided that this WILL NOT BEAT US is the greatest thing of all. We are a very strong bunch of folks.

Spirit and courage is what this site is all about.

Survivors need support. Here's a CHEER for the wonderful CAREGIVERS who have seen us through the tough times, who went to the appointments, who cooked the meals, who paid the bills, who did the laundry, who walked the dog, who went to the drug store when we needed medicine. They are also SURVIVORS who deserve a big, big HUG ((())) and a round of APPLAUSE from us all. I love you, Brian.

I thank God for many things every day -

For my Doctor, who has saved me. For his positive spirit from Day One. For his knowledge and experience in knowing what my body could take and not take and how to administer the right dose of medicine to make me live. Really LIVE. To give me the chance to enjoy life with my husband of 27 years.

Thank you, Dr. Blum. God made a great guy when he thought of you!

I just want you all to think POSITIVELY now, whatever your situation might me. Miracles DO HAPPEN. Never give up. We are all in this together.



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Joanie, darlin'....most of the time, saying this to me would be preaching to the choir. But as you know I had some rather ugly news to digest lately and have since been battling the Evils of Decadron :roll: ...so your words are like a soothing balm AND a call to arms, as well. Thank you!

To Survivors and Caretakers and the Doctors who keep coming up with battle plans for us...and hey, what about the onc nurses who tend our sore veins and battered souls, some days? Even the hospital volunteers who come around, ever cheerful, and offer us a snack or a ginger ale?

Miracles DO happen, you're right. I wish we all could grab onto a miracle and hold it....till WE were ready to let go...not just till our health fails us. :(

Thanks for the reminder to live with gusto...cherish our family, caretakers and friendships and appreciate the l.c. family that most days, is our best link to information and support.


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