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women against lung cancer

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I can NOT believe that only 8 of us have signed this petition and only 53 people have viewed this post. :shock::shock:

I think we need to do something to get the MEMBERSHIP'S ATTENTION!

Come on Friends, lets get EVERYONE here at LCSC to SIGN THIS VERY IMPORTANT PETITION!!

I signed it, who's NEXT?? Come on, everytime someone signs the petition, please post here so that you will bump this up to the top!

I also sent this to ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY VIA THE INTERNET and asked them to sign it as well. So far I have had 8 people do this for me and I have about 37 left that need to sign.




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Signed it. I'm putting together an email with some facts and a link to this petition and hoping it will be forwarded to many, many people. Let me know if you'd like a copy to send out!

Now who's NEXT? I know a lot of people have signed and just not said so... But letting us know also keeps this post bumped to the top, so please speak up!


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Hey Katie, thanks for the Heads up about this link being on our website. To be honest with you, I thought I saw it here somewhere? :?:shock::oops:

Being that we have this tread going, I hope we can keep it up.

Katie and Rick work sooooo HARD to have all this info. right at our finger tips and low and behold it's HERE!!!! I agree with Katie, Take a minute to browse the Home Page or the left side of your Message Board Page. Thanks Katie!!



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It is time to TUG ON SUPERMAN's CAPE!!!!

Dana Reeves is bringing and will continue to bring attention to lung cancer. Christopher Reeves changed this country and medical research with his activism.

We have a wonderful, caring and supportive community here and we can make a difference.

By generating zillionions of signatures for the petition from this site we can direct the needs of all lung cancer patients.

Questionaires can be sent to all members: "What do you want to see?""What does a good doctor do?

What does a newly diagnosed patient need to know?...and on and on.

This is such a great community, it is okay to let the world come here and learn from all of your experiences.



ps: my husband signed the petition, guys can and should sign women angainst lung cancer petition.

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Signed, again! FYI, you can also download their membership form. A $75 membership gives you voting privileges and the free membership entitles you to an affiliate status. My husband paid the $75 membership at their annual meeting in Orlando this past May and I joined as an affiliate and Patient Advocate. :wink:

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