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News Flash from the Walk Front


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Well, we made it two days in a row. And even Len admitted he was feeling pretty good after our little stroll...so it looks as if we've got a new routine going. Stretch those legs, expand those lungs...we even managed to keep a conversation going today while we walked (yesterday Len maintained a pretty definite and dubious silence).

Maybe not Addie's nine holes of golf, but it's something!


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Oh, Addie says this is MOST impressive. :wink: I use a cart when I play golf :lol: Okay, sure...I walk a bit here and there....but it's not quite what you and Len are doing, Ellen!

Hubby and I went out to walk night before last...just a short jaunt as he's got terrible osteo in both knees. He usually rides his bike a bit in the evening (or has been lately). But last night he had a meeting...and I was so high on steroids, he'd have had to run to keep up with my walk! :D

But you inspire me. I'm gonna keep trying to get out to walk. Our neighborhood is set up so that there is a cul de sac and connecting roads that provides a good 1/2 mile walk around the neighborhood....some of which is slightly ramped uphill...to give you a good workout at the very end of the walk!

Tell Len I'm real impressed. Will you continue your walks thru the winter months?

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You know I think part of the reason John has done well is that we kept walking as much as possible throughout his diagnosis. This summer we've been able to walk almost every day and it sure is helping us both keep in shape.

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