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What a difference a day makes.....


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No, I'm not going to break into song. :roll: I have too much regard for all of you to subject you to my singing...especially after my rambling post about Decadron, night before last. :?

But speaking of the Evil Pharmaceutical...my reduction in dosage to 2 mgs. twice a day has pretty much restored me to normal sanity. That and a good night's sleep has brought me down from "warp speed" to "hummingbird level".

I'm even smiling and making nice with hubby again! :wink:

I still think I got up about three times during the night to visit the throne room (thanks to having to drink a full 8 ozs. of water at bedtime with the Dilantin)...but I managed to fall back to sleep each time.

Aaaaaahhhhhh. I DO feel fairly refreshed and much less like committing homicide. It's a nice feeling.

Again, my humble gratitude to all of you for seeing me through a short, but memorable, period of steroid induced mania...the likes of which I hope I never see again.

I am once again offering to hold pork chops for anyone who needs it...being able to offer you the assurance that I'm not just trying to reconstruct the pig! :lol:

Thanks for your forebearance.... :wink:

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And once again.... the light at the end of the tunnel....

It is so hard to remember sometimes that it can be the *&*^%&* drugs that make us feel so awful. I am so glad you are back! Yay and Hurray. I will put some baily's in my coffee in your honor... or maybe just some cocoa?

Welcome back to the brighter side.


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Addie, I am so happy to hear that you got some well deserved sleep and are feeling much better today. Hey...after climbing the wall for nights, you're allowed to break out in song!!! If someone doesn't want to listen, they can just cover their ears. Some of the most miserable times I have ever had have been at 3:00 am. It's terrible to know that you have to go to work in the morning and that it's nearing alarm time and you haven't slept a wink. Then is when my panic button depresses and I start to wonder how I'm going to make it through the day. On top of that, I start looking at the clock even more often which only helps to keep me awake. I'm about ready to toss the clock and get a dependable rooster!!!

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Hi Addie,

Welcome to the living :D . We could make a movie starring you, "Return from the Living Dead"

Anyway, welcome back, it is so much better hearing you like this.

Your are so funny, your posts (be it bad or good) are so enlightening. :wink:


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Addie. After that whirlwind, I bet "normal" feels pretty good! However, for sleepy heads like me, stash that unused decadron in case I have to dip in to it. I've never heard of an addiction to decadron, but there's probably a support group somewhere for it.

Welcome back,


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Ahhh Addie...you have shown me, yet again, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for your post, it has liften my "much needing of a lift" spirits...AGAIN!

Glad to hear you are slowing down to normal (whatever that is) again.

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Okay girl........what is normal????

Seems to me that it's a bit of a stretch for most of us to guess your "normal" would be.

I have two speeds - stop and go (average speed) I think yours are probably stop and overdrive!!

So happy that you've come back to earth but I have to admit it.... your first post gave me such a chuckle!

Enjoy your weekend



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