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cindi o'h

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Beth says she appreciates that I am keeping all of you up-to-date.

She also appreciates all of your well wishes and continued prayers!

Her appetite has been poor.

She is checking into getting a chair-lift for the stairs. Her insurance won't pay for it, but she needs to get up and down the stairs!

She said she did get a laugh out of this crazy cartoon that ShineladySue sent to me! (So that is encouraging!)

She continues to be depressed, though, I must say.

She said that she is not yet ready to come back to post, but, like I said, appreciates all the good prayers.

Happy to pass this little bit along!

Cindi o'h

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Please let Beth know that the prayers are definitely continuing for her. It's so sweet of you to keep us all updated. I hope she continues to find things to laugh about!!!! Please send her our love and good thoughts!

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Have you assured Beth that there are lots of us here willing to hold her pork chop, Cindi? We are, you know. Willing and ready.

Wish there was some way to help her with the depression..as I KNOW she'd much rather just revel in her delicious sense of humor, as usual. But it's tough sometimes. :( We all know that.

Thanks, Cin, for continuing to pass along our love, concern and the occasional cartoon to her. I hope she'll be back with us soon. I miss her. I especially missed her when I was on my Decadron Speed Trial...cuz that girl could have kept up with me even IF I didn't share my Decadron with her! :wink:


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Beth, we miss you and love you!!! Baby Carolyn sends along hugs and kisses and coos.

I hope that chair lift comes through. Cindy--Ask her if she gets one if she'll let me ride in it (via internet of course). I always wanted to ride in the one at church and Mom would never let me. :x


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Hey there, Beth,

I've been away for a while, but caught up with your status. Man, I am SO sorry, Beth. I will remain hopeful that you get that chair lift. I know what a Godsend they can be!

I will also continue to keep you in prayer, as you have been. I will step them up a bit - maybe try some bargaining. I would just do anything to get you out of that pit you are in. NO kidding.

Hope you know there are plenty of us here who love you lots and are praying our little hearts out. You have to turn the corner soon.

Prayers, suppport, and love to you,


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The day I come to the board and see your great avatar exercising and chomping away, I'll be so HAPPY! I look for it all the time. Just not the same without you here!

Wishing you all success in getting that stair climber - every bump in the road smoothed out will bring you that much closer to the old you.

I think of you often and ALWAYS send you strength and caring thoughts.


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Thanks Cindi,

Beth if you are reading this , know that you are loved. Your incredible sense of humor is missed around here also.. Personally, I liked the avatar with the boobs.... I remember that funny post you made involving your boobs. You had me lmao. Hope you will be here soon. We could all benefit from a good laugh.

Love ,


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