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The Cancer Demon Has Hit Again


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Well, I got the bad news a couple of days ago, my uncle(mom's brother) has small cell lung cancer.

When is this sh*! going to leave my family alone!!! :( I lost my grandma Jan. 2003, my mom Oct. 2004, and now my uncle has to go through this!

Thank God for my family(that's left!).

It's just hard to deal with right now with Nicolas having a hard time adjusting to 1st grade; he's been afraid I won't be home when he gets home and has been worrying that something will happen to me and I'll NEVER come back! I had to leave him at school crying for me today. And on top of it all, I think my rhumatoid arthritis is coming back. I want to get gastric banding done and I don't know if they will do it if I have RA.

Is there anything else I can complain about!!!!

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You go right ahead and complain!!! :!:

There is nothing WORSE to start your day than leaving your child off and he's crying.

Remind yourself that he probably stopped within 5 minutes. If it lasts more than a few days, get in touch with the guidance counselor and/or his teacher.

That's what we teachers do.


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So sorry the devil beast will not let you live in peace. We just met the sweetest fragile elderly lady 2 week's ago at treatment and there she sat so scared and was DX"ed with SCLC and through cough's she told my wife she had never smoked. Our heart's went out to her and the nurses made sure her and my wife became aquainted as they wanted my wife's upbeat positive spirit to hopefully influence the lady. I hope that your uncle and family member's and you and your small child recieve the peace you all so much deserve..

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Yikes....this must have been quite a shock for you. Somedays it just all seems like too much.

I hope your boy is doing better soon. I echo Gail's sentiment. In my brief career in elementary education, separation was usually hardest on the parent. The kids typically did fine after a short while.

Love and prayers going out to your whole family.

:) Kelly

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You've got a lot on your plate and, for once, I don't want a bite! :wink:

It might be hard to start first grade if you have all the normal feelings about it as well as a fear that your mommy might get cancer. Do you think he's heard you talking about all your relatives who've been affected and mistakenly fears it will happen to you, too? Kids that age are sometimes reluctant to ask if something fearful can come true because they worry they might make it happen by saying it. Maybe you could bring it up in a casual way.

Just wondered. Hope next week will be better for both of you!


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Thank you all for your positive replies. Nicolas came home unharmed from the experience(better than me!). I know Nicolas knows about the cancer; I told him. When mom took the final turn for the worse he told me point blank,"Mom, grandma is sick bad like mamaw Alice was isn't she, she's got that cancer stuff." Nicolas was very perseptive about mom's cancer and knew it was bad. Ever since mom has passed he worries about us leaving him; mostly me. All I know is to try to reassure him that I'm not going anywhere, God willing. He still talks about how he wishes she was here. I just try to deal with it as it comes. Nicolas has always been a worrier; ever since he was little. I asked him if it would be okay for me to go into the hospital and have gastric banding done, and that I would be home the next day; he about blew a gasket! My other boy Connor, on the other hand is very happy go lucky. He asked me if I did okay without him first day of preschool. He was fine, but wanted to know if I did okay!

It was a ruff day, but we made it. I get that's all any of us can do; take one day at a time.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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