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Cat scan with contrast is done lymph nodes are a little lar


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I am really nervous and I do not know where to put this. Maybe you can correct me so I will do it right next time. I called my medical Doctor and he staid that there was no change in the tumor but that there was a littl change in the lymph nodes. That is all I was going to get out of him. I see the surgeon on Wednesday to ask him about the biopsy you told me I need to get. When I got the PET scan I could not lay still the whole time. Do you think I could or should ask for anothere one. this time they can give me something to help me stay still. Maybe it will not be inconclusive. I am so glad for this board. Before it was just me myself and I. The lymph nodes being a little bigger tells us what if anything? And if you have any other suggestions about what I should do or need to do, I would appreciate the help.

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No One is telling you that you NEED to get a biopsy, but rather making suggestions for you. I SUGGESTED things and you have to decide where to go with the suggestions.

Do you have someone that goes with you to your appointments when you go? It's a good idea to have a pesron or more then one person to go with you during these tests and or appointments.

Have ANY of your doctor's made any kind of mention to maybe what KIND of lung cancer this is, IF it's lung cancer? I know you keep mentioning tumor, but is this tumor CANCER? And the same with the lymph nodes, are these lymph nodes cancerous or don't they know? As far as the Lymph nodes being bigger don't really tell me anything. You NEED to ask your doctor that question. A lymph node can get enlarged do to infection also, so it's not just cancer that can cause an enlarged lymph node.

These may be things you wish to ask your doctor's.

We are NOT here to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. You NEED to talk these things over with your doctors.

I am only trying to understand your situation and maybe guide you with some of my own experiences.

I won't lie to you that your situation is very confusing to me. But, maybe others can and well see something here I don't see.

Best wishes,


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