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jimben, gone fishing?


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Had Chemo Tuesday and it hit a good bit harder than this regimen did two years ago, don't think you ever get all you strength back. Spirits have been in the sh..er for a while too, but Aime, Katie B, Cindi-0 and Haylee have all helped to pull my bootstraps up. So hopefully I'll be back to simple/happy self real soon.

Thanks for true caring and love to you all


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Hey Jim...you're OLDER than you were two years ago. Everything hits harder and the ol' strength never IS what it used to be, eh? :wink:

Seriously, I'm sorry the chemo is a little rougher this time..but you'll adjust, I know you will. You've got lots of serious fishing yet to do...so no chemo is gonna hold you down for long! And that grandson of yours is waiting...remember?

Good to hear your "voice" and hang in there...

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Welcome back Jim. It is good to see you post again. I hope you start to feel better and more like your old self.

Keep a positive attiude and know that we are all pulling for you to feel better.

Many prayers are sent your way, Jim.

Please don't be a stranger, it really was good to see your post.

Take care


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You say I helped you.. Can't tell me how many times you have pulled me out of that hole, dude.

Just by this :D in your pm's and I am on cloud 9.

Just wish you didn't hafta feel so crappy this go around.

I'm here.

So many look up to you and admire your addie tude, perseverence and angle worms.

love, Cindi o'h

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Sorry this chemo took a good swing at you. But I see you swung back and won. I've really missed your posts. And, of course, I'm partial to anyone with the name of "Jim" so please grace us with your presence when you get your tank filled back up.


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Don't really 'know' you too well, yet, BUT have read lots of your posts and you certainly have lifted me up with many.

We all know you are going to give this everything you got, and we, in turn, will give you all we got in the way of support. So you do what you have done so well in the past, and we will do our part!

Hang in there, please!


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