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A Happy Day


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After all we have ALL been through, it really is the little things in life, isn't it?

I'm so glad that your day is looking bright. I will say a prayer that the whistling continues thru the weekend.


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Here's to many, many more happy days!

Brian, whatever else you think of your situation, always remember you have a tremendous influence with the people who care about you; your happiness is truly contagious. :D

Pat, I can't whistle either, but I'm humming that song from the 70's "Oh Happy Day!" Thanks for sharing such a happy time with the rest of us.


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Brian was whistling this morning as he finished his shower.

It made me feel very very happy.


I can't believe this, Brat! It wasn't this morning early...because I don't move that fast in the morning...but sometime around 11:30 as I was about to get in the shower :roll: I too, found myself whistling!!!!!!!

Not to get too graphic...but I was...um....er...ahem....on the throne. I told hubby about it later, because when I caught myself whistling, I said aloud to myself, "Sheesh, I'm sitting here on the "terlet" (thank you, Archie Bunker for that one :D ) whistling and I've got BRAIN TUMORS!" :shock: like the whole thing seemed so incongruous! :D

Well, heck, it IS sorta incongruous...but then again, I guess it shows some spirit, doesn't it?

My hubby smiled too, when I told him. I think it made him happy even though I can't really whistle very well. :wink:

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