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My Little Mover...


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Today, whilst baking a coffee cake, I had attempted to entertain Carolyn by putting her little boat play gym in the kitchen. She was happily kicking and playing one moment--the motion activated music was playing.....

And the next thing I knew she had moved about five feet and was right up next to me using her feet to play with the cabinet drawers...

I suspect she rolled though she has been creeping a lot and doing lots of practice moves for crawling.

She's a mover!

(Just wanted to share)

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Let the games begin! Looks like mom is going to be movin and groovin right along with Carolyn..

You better make sure you get sleep at night as you will be a movin in the mornin..and the afternoonin and evenin..

Have fun... take plenty of pics for the site.

She is such a cutie!!! I love all her pics. :wink:


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Once they start getting around, there is no rest for Mom, believe me. Do you record these events? When my kids were littles, I kept diaries or journals to record their milestones... You think you will remember all these things but you don't! It's so much fun to look back and read these things again. Fun for the now "grown up" kids too.

gail p-m

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Oh Val...you make me want another baby with your pictures, your stories and your obvious love for your new role in life. Enjoy everything about it, it really does fly right by. Keep on sharing with us!

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Wow...i can still remember when my "baby" was that age...but she never crawled :roll: she stood up and RAN. Yes, she skipped crawling!! My friends used to tell me how lucky i was to be able to sit her down and she'd stay put! Little did they know what i would have on my hand just 5 (she's 6 now) years later!!!

Enjoy it, one of the greatest joys in life whether we have our mommies with us or not, is having our little girls!!

And btw, you ALWAYS have permission, from me, to feel however you do! :wink: You know what i'm talking about...and thanks for still looking!

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...and the next thing you know, she'll be in school - turn around again and she's a teenager.

My "baby" and yours share a birthday. Andrew turned 13 this year...and I can remember him being so tiny I could hold all of him on my arm (he was a big little guy, though, starting out just shy of eight pounds when I was assured three days before he was born that he was six pounds, tops!)

My advice? Don't teach her to walk and talk...and if you don't potty train her, you won't have to worry when she's dating age, her date will bring her home - fast! :wink:

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