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Charlie's New Plan


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Saw the radiation oncologist and medical oncologist today. Here's the plan:

Start chemo. on Monday - (1) Etoposide (VP16)- three days in a row every 3 weeks; (2) Carbo - once very three weeks; (3) Avastin - once very three weeks.

Get a PET/CT scan on Tuesday morning

See the pulmunologist Tues. afternoon - consult on doing brachytherapy (bronchoscopy, placement of a catheter, and implant of radioactive seeds at the tumor obstruction)

Hopefully, schedule brachytherapy for Mon. Aug. 29th - radiation oncologist is available to do the radiation seed implant on this day.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. It feels better to have a plan to get accomplished. Just hope that Charlie can withstand all of this assault on his body. Take care.

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So glad there is a plan now - swimming around in limbo is the worst!

Here's hoping with all my might that Charlie will tolerate the chemo well and not feel too wiped out. Hope all the other plans work out well, too! Heck, if I was a cancer cell, I'd get out of Charlie's body right now! :wink:

Load up the big guns!


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Thanks for asking. We definitely miss her. She IMd me yesterday. I sent her an email to call me when she gets a chance.

Really struggling with how much to tell her. I don't want her to worry...but, I don't want her to be surprised. Very torn right now.

Any suggestions? Anybody else have suggestions? I have always been very open and honest with her. Just don't want her to have to deal with this as she starts her first college classes. I guess, it is what it is. Take care.

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Oh, Tina,

I am praying that Our Lord guides you in your decision.

The only input I would like to offer is that she will want to know that she can trust you to keep her informed. If she suspects that you are protecting her she may worry more and more????

I don't know, I will pray.


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Hi Tina,

Pat offered excellent advice on the amount of information to relay to your daughter. We just have dogs so I can't offer any good insight on that.

I'm so happy Charlie's team of doctors is on the ball and ready to roll. That is so essential to his recovery. Jim's first 6 months of chemo were this exact VP16/Carbo schedule that they are putting Charlie on. Jim felt so good during that time, continued to exercise, didn't lose a pound, and his tumors responded really well. I know everyone is different but I'm hoping Charlie has the exact same experience with VP16/Carbo.

A while back, I suggested that Peggy throw 3 fluffy towels over her head and turn the other way when her husband was on the tractor. Three fluffy towels can also be draped across your body to 1) look good for Charlie, or 2) just feel darn good against your skin. You can borrow mine if you need to.


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Since I moved out for college whenever Mom or Dad would have bad news they invariably tried to protect me. And it made me REALLY, REALLY mad. I wanted to know. Like Pat said--feeling like she's being protecter will make her worry more. So... I guess at least for me, honesty was the best policy.

I'm praying for Charlie. I'm glad you have a plan. I will pray in agreement with Pat and Brian that this weekend helps Charlie gear up and then that you'll be able to kick the beast hard and fast!!!


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Thanks for the confirmation. It has always made me REALLY mad when my parents didn't tell me things. I just want to do my best to be positive with her even with all the bad news.

Charlie does still feel amazingly well. Like I said yesterday, he walked up a hill and made it. He was winded, but so was I. He didn't sit down or anything and kept going. He is one tough guy!!

Just want to convey the positive with the negative. What a horrible disease that we have to deal with. Two years ago, life was really normal and good. Now it is still good, but has it's challenges and isn't normal!

There's a testimony that I can still say life is good! Sorry for rambling. Gotta run take our youngest to an all night laser tag with her church youth group. See ya later. Take care.

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I'm so glad for you that there's a plan in place. It IS all a bit easier to cope with when we feel we are moving forward...on the attack, isn't it?

As for your daughter and how much to tell her...when I found out about the brain tumors on Friday morning...my 31 y/o son was in a week-long intensive class. 8-5: daily for a week, including that Friday and the next day, Saturday. And then on Monday he had an interview with a Police Commission. He's a cop...looking to change departments.

I didn't want to mess up his head, so chose to wait to tell him of my brain mets until Tuesday. He wasn't real happy with me. :( I explained. He said, "But you're my MOTHER!"

I do think he understands and has forgiven me...as I made a judgment call thinking mainly of him. He's pretty sensitive about all of this...the state of my health. But given the same set of circumstances...I think I might still do the same as I did.

When I did tell him, though, I told him all of it. The fact that I still feel good and am approaching this as I have every obstacle in this journey so far...also helped him accept it, I think.

HE, however, is here....in town. I don't know how far away your daughter's school is....but it may make a difference if she cannot SEE you both any time soon....do you think?

HOW you convey the information makes a difference too. You sound upbeat in that there IS a good plan ahead to deal with everything. So if you convey that optimism in the plan to your daughter...then perhaps it won't overload her "worry signal".

Put a smile in your voice and tell her how proud you and Daddy are of her...and that you want her to focus on school and herself and you will keep her posted! Direct the conversation back to her as soon as you can after you tell her what you want her to know at this point, eh?

You'll know what to say as you talk to her...I know you will. I worried too, about telling my son...but it all worked out and.............the next day he asked me to go with him ring shopping for his girl! :wink:

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He's a man with a plan....isn't that great!

When I was in college my Mom had lots of Chrohn's related health issues. I have to echo the idea of "trust". I know that I worried less when I felt confident that the folks at home were being honest with me. I could tell when they were trying to 'protect' me, and it really cheesed me off.

Good luck with your plan!

:) Kelly

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Just adding my positive vibes for Charlies new Game Plan. It really is good they have so many other things to offer him.

As for your daughter, I guess everyone has said what I would say, but I just wanted to mention, that in YOUR OWN WORDS you said: "I have always been open and honest with her" Sounds like you had your own answer all the time. :wink: I like to think that's always the best way to go, open and honest! :wink:

Best Wishes,


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Hi Tina,

Looks like Charlie is in good hands with all his docs. Game plans all set. Good luck.

I pray he tolerates the treatments well and for positive results. He is an optimistic person, so I know he will keep a positive attitude through all of this.

About your daughter, Honesty is the best policy.


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