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deja vu....all over again


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Last Wednesday I started taking Cipro for an infection, as antibiotics usually give me problems I was quite thrilled to get 2 days in and felt much better and no side effects.

Wrong!!! I awoke at 1:45am Saturday, very aware of my breathing. We were away at our trailer for the weekend and had no Benedryl or equivilant and no 24 hour drugstores in this small town. We got home around 3am and I took the Benedryl expecting to breathe much easier very soon.

Wrong again....my breathing became very painful and off we went to the hospital. This is where the deja vu comes in....the only thing that happened to me before dx was pneumonia that caused very difficult and painful breathing! I had no symptoms at all not even a cough.

I sat/reclined on a gurney in the ER and when the recollection hit I DID'NT panic, didn't even go there, it was just a thought that went through my head. I remember this feeling!

When the doc came in to see me he had noted the sclc bit on my chart and asked me how far from dx I was (I think he was expecting to pass me over to the oncology dept)........his face was a picture when I said it'll be 4 years in November! His eyes just popped out of his head, then this big grin came over his face and his eyes just danced. I must admit I've not seen that reaction from a doc before and it was priceless! Unusual aren't I, was all I could think of to say and he agreed and said how wonderful!

Anyway, my breathing pain was eventually eased and I went home with new meds and lasting shortness of breath, which will hopefully go before long.

I guess the reason I'm writing this is that I was so surprised at my reaction to the breathing issues, I suppose I thought that I would go into a tailspin... after all I get real squirrely at test time. Maybe it was a test and I passed, who knows.

I will always treasure the look on that docs face though, it said it all!! Maybe, this doc rates with Cindi's for bedside manner at least, what a treasure he was.......and cute to boot!!

So, those are my ramblings for Sunday, August 21, 2005.

Take care everyone,


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How come you always get the young, cute doctors, Geri? :wink:

I'm glad to know you acted fast and got some help for your breathing...and boy, I think anyone here can understand that no matter HOW far out you are from dx....that the Ugly Thoughts are still gonna be there...eh? :? I'm glad you refused to dwell on them and rather, passed them on to the "recycle bin".

And how fun to see the doc's reaction, I'll bet. I keep hoping to emulate that someday....to be able to shock the peewaddens out of some medico by saying I'm a four year (or plus! :wink: ) survivor of small cell lung cancer...and Yes, this is my real hair :roll: and No, I didn't kill even ONE person during The Steroid Weeks! :lol:

You and Cin both have had such great doctor experiences lately...that I hope it sets a trend for everyone. Old doc, new doc....I don't care....I just want EVERYBODY HERE to walk out of a dr's office or an ER with a smile on their face, like the two of you did!

Stay well, my friend....and remember, you don't get SOB typing emails! :wink:

Love you....

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Geri, thanks for sharing that. Sounds like you have conquered the fear of other things. I like about the doctor's expression. Lucie gets that kind of reception when she goes to her neurologist or pulmonologist or GP, who only see her every several months or so. They all grin and shine when they see her still here and doing well. Don

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Hi Geri,

Glad it did not turn out to be pneumonia. Just let it run its course you will be fine.

Lucky about the cute doctor. Joel's Thoracic surgeon was also a hottie. :wink:

I am so glad you handled yourself well, and did not freak out like last time. Good going there. :D Lets just hope you don't have to have this deja vu again.

Hope you are on the mend. :D


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