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relief from the tarceva rash??


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My mom needs some relief from this stuff! She said it just feels really rough (face and neck), like sand paper, very dry and itchy (sometimes a burning itch). Any recommendations? Did over the counter lotions help anyone? or maybe someone has tried something natural from the health food store??

Thank you sooo much!

God bless,


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Hi Christy,

Bill developed a pretty ugly rash from the Tarceva as well and the Rx for antibiotics and the topical cream did not help. On the reco of Pat(kid) and Brian, I bought some Oil of Olay Moisturizing Shower Lotion and WOW did it work. It worked so well for him that I submitted a request to the PR folks at work and had a couple cases of it shipped out to the local cancer centers here in Cincinnati for patients that have been prescribed the Tarceva. I don't know if it helps everyone...but it REALLY worked for Bill. Thanks again Pat & Brian!

Good luck to your Mom.

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My mom wanted me to tell you all thank you so very much! She found relief!! Praise God!

Ry, she said she hasn't itched at all since using the Curel Ultra Healing!! wooohooo!! :D

She got the other two mentioned as well and likes them too! :)

thank you!!!


p.s. this board is such a blessing!

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Sorry to be late to this, but I see that SBeth covered for us.

Brian has been off Tarceva for weeks, now, and he STILL has the rash and uses the Oil of Olay every shower. It still makes the whole thing tolerable.

My hope is that tarceva works well for you mom.

Pat and Bri

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