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Alf's cat


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Anyone remember the t.v. show Alf? Gawd, how I use to hoot over that silly sit com. :lol:

Alf was from Melmac, remember? And it was acceptable on Melmac to eat cats. (No offense to cat lovers here....please...this is fiction!)

So one day, Alf is in the kitchen and he hollers thru the passthrough to the mother of the family he lives with...

"Hey, where's the casserole dish?"

Mother replies, "Why do you ask, Alf?"

Alf says, "Cuz the cat won't fit in the toaster.

HAH!!" :D

Today...I'm Alf's cat! Heading back into the toaster. :wink:

I don't know if it's the reduced dosage of Decadron or the fact that it finally hit my system like you all say it's "supposed to" and I went on a cleaning binge yesterday :? ...but I slept pretty well last night...and I'm really optimistic going into this next round of radiation.

I think it was Hebbie that posted an article down in LC in the News about a woman who survived Stage 4 lung cancer. In it, the woman said she laid on the rad. table and would whisper, "Get it, get it, get it, GONE!" She would also holler, "NO!" at the cancer.

I'm gonna try that this time. Been doing it already, actually. I walk up the stairs here at home, chanting, "NO. NO. GET OUT. GO AWAY. NO!"

My dogs aren't sure what to think...but I sure hope the cancer is getting the message!! :wink:

P.S. For those who loved the Alf show as much as I did....here's another one for you.

Alf calls up an Oriental Deli to order a sandwich, and says....

"Gimme a Siamese on Rye and tuck in the tail!" :lol:

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Thank you so much reminding us of Alf. My husband and I use to watch it every week with our daughter (she is now 24) and have such fond memories. I loved Alf. My daughter got a kitten when she was 6 years old and named it after Lucky (the cat) on Alf. We had Lucky for almost 19 years (we just lost her in April). Thanks for the memories today. You brought a smile to my face. Good luck and prayers coming your way!


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And thank YOU, Jean, for reminding me of the cat's name....Lucky.

My memories of the show are spotty...obviously...but I'm finding that lots of people got as big a boot out of it as I did.

Sorry you lost your Lucky kitty :( but glad you've got such nice, warm memories of her and her association to Alf.

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Thanks for the memories, Addie. Although I love cats...I had to get a laugh at your post!!! If you get bored, you can come and clean my house. I could use some of your energy!

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The visualization is something that I did too. (I can hear my voice in a chuckely tone..."tan me oh Sun God")every single time as my techs were scooting out the door! They never commented on my madness.

While they were in the other room, though, I imagined very bad things happening to the tumors and cancer cells. They were exploding, imploding and poof! up in smoke! like those little firecrackers you throw onto pavement!

Buggers exploded. Every single one!

Love ya Queenie! Or should I say Liz? :)

stuff's crossed for all smoke!

love, Cindi

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ALF lived with the Tanners, right?

ALF was a good show - I really liked "Dinosaurs" with the Sinclair family. My favorite? The baby! "Gotta love me!" and "Not the mama," when beating on his dad. The refrigerator in the kitchen was a wonderful place with all those arms and stuff hanging out...

No cats, but they had pet humans every now and then.

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You're showing your youth, Becky. :wink: "Dinosaurs"???? The only dinosaur I know of is that more recent purple, irritating, overstuffed dinosaur that can make me change a channel so fast you don't even see my fingers move! :D

Bring back Alf, Knots Landing and the Electric Company for kids. Now THERE were some shows! 8)

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Freddy the Frog and Henrietta the Hippo? Please tell me someone does and that it is not all just a mirage from my childhood.

Now see....this is how I feel about the cowboy, Johnnie Mack Brown.

Everyone remembers The Lone Ranger or Hopalong Cassidy....but who remembers Johnnie Mack Brown?

And....I sorta VAGUELY remember Henrietta and Freddie...but I think more from books than t.v. But....you're younger than I am too. :? Isn't just about everybody? :lol:

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Becky - I loved those dinosaurs! And "Not the mama." LOL!! Here I was, a grown woman, and when they cancelled that show, it did me in! Oh well.

I actually remember Beanie & Cecil too -- or make that Beanie and Thethil (he had a lisp ... er ... a lithp.)

Thanks for the laughs!

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Thanks, Beth, I vaguely remember the show, but the darn theme song is now running through my head! ARGH! (and what about HR Puffenstuff?)

Yeah, Addie, I'm younger than you, but I won't hold that against you... I didn't watch Howdy Doodie (or however his name is spelled) and Bozo (he was obnoxious!), but enjoyed the reruns of "Our Gang".

I LOVED the Muppets, Animal being my absolute favorite. "Fraggle Rock" was a good spinoff, too, with the Allknowing TrashHeap...

I remember the "Electric Company" - it was more advanced than "Sesame Street" and a bit faster moving. I remember LetterMan - "Faster than rolling o, stronger than silent e, able to leap capital T in a single bound..."

TV just ain't what it used to be...I remember when cartoons were just Saturday mornings and were FUNNY/goofy, not full of violence and actually just 24 minute toy commercials. There actually used to be shows that the family could watch together (like the "The Muppet Show" and later "Dinosaurs") and swear words weren't even on prime time...

But I liked ALF, especially all the cat recipe jokes and some of the introspective stuff ALF could trigger in human behavior questions. Gee, a TV show that could make you think...HMMMMmmmmm

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Oh, what a walk down Memmory Lane!!!! Howdy Doodie :roll: !!!! Yes!!! My father actually wanted to name me Clarabelle!!!! For those of you who don't remember Howdie, Clarabelle was the CLOWN :shock: !!!!!

Knots Landing! YES!!!!! Kevin Dobson :wink: !!!! I actually danced with him. I know, I know, don't get all dewy eyed over that tidbit of useless information!

There did used to be some really good shows. Not now. I just thought it ws becuase I am OLD! You think :? ?

Then, of course, ther was Bandstand! Being an original Philadelphia girl....gotta love it! Anyone remember Willy the Worm? Loved it.

You gotta stop me! Sky King, Fury, Lassie (the original)!

Sorry about this post - just got caught up in nostalgia!


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Well, Your Hineyness! Look what you've started now! We'll all be wandering down memory lane for DAYS 'cause it's so addicting. :roll:

Okay. Here goes:

The original Mickey Mouse Club (M-I-C see you real soon! K-E-Y Why? Because we like you! M-O-U-S-E!)I even know the words to the Talent Rodeo song "Saddle your pony, here we go! Down to the Talent Rodeo..."

Fractured Fairytales and all of the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show! Mr. Peabody and Sherman!

Gumby and Pokey! (I had a Gumby, did you?)

Shirley Temple movies on Sunday afternoon TV!

Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Foghorn Leghorn ("I say, I say, I say, BOY!") And that poor scrawny little chicken in spectacles looking for "a MAAAN!" I work with a man who's mother was named Henrietta Huss and I swear I can't hear that name without thinking of that chicken! :lol: I never told him that, of course.

The Patty Duke Show. Man From UNCLE. (My first crush on a TV star - David McCallum! Ahhhhh!)

SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!!! :roll:

Move over, Addie! I'll take a slot in that toaster now. Hey, shake out those crumbs, will ya?! Sheesh!


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