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OK...Pity Pot is vacant.


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Well I think I am back to my ole optimistic self. 8) Started feeling pretty good Friday evening after I cut the grass.

Ya ready for this???? I have been dieting, trying to lose the steroid fat and have lost "22" lbs....I get a steak this week. :wink:

Felt real good all weekend, even though I had to tackle God's curse to fishermen....TRAILER LIGHTS

Think I have it fixed now, a bad tail light assembly and a shorted trailer connector, two problems at once make it tuffer.....how simple two wire wiring can be so tuff is the :twisted:

Went fishing Sat and Sun and had a ball, so me and God talked a good bit and came to an agreement.

As a side note there are some new fabrics out there that are 100% polyester that are designed to wick the perspiration off your body and speed the draying process, cooling you at the same time.....let me tell ya...THEY WORK. Fishing in this heat is ruff, but those T-Shirts make it comfortable, the lightest breeze or movement has a noticeable cooling effect.

Thanks for all your support

Love you all

jim :D

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Jeezum, Jim....by the title of this post I was afraid you had lousy news....and I even said, "Uh oh" out loud!! :?

Then I open the post...and it's a FEEL GOOD post. I love it!! :D

I'm so glad you're doing better, went fishing and even found something to wear that helped cool you in this heat. So...what's a little taillight assembly problem with all that other good stuff?

I am now sort of heaving a sigh of relief at YOUR good news, hoping that in a few weeks, I'll have some of the same.

You rock, Jim. You clearly know the meaning of "Life is to be LIVED"....however an individual defines that. And YOU, my good man, define it by the number of fish and having a special grandson in your life....I know.

Keep on rocking. You inspire.

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Breathing a sigh of relief here too! We've missed you around here lately Jim and now that you're back and all that has been keeping you away is a little trailer light issue, I'm expecting that Ry will have some tickets for you to pay! Maybe you can offer up some fish, or a cute story about your little fishing partner as payment for your fines. Glad to see you posting and feeling better. Really glad to see that you and God reached an agreement.

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Jim!! my hero!! I am so glad to hear from you. you sound great, and good job on the weight loss! your re-awakened hope will surely see you through this round of chemo.

as for fishing - in my single days, I used to get up early and hop on the day-trip boats out of Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. For $20. you get a spot on a bench and a pole, and any fish you catch. Being the non-cook I am, I threw back or gave away anything I ever caught, but there was nothing more relaxing than being out on the water with a bunch of old, Italian men from Staten Island. I even sweet-talked the captain into letting me steer the boat once! (like I said, this was before I met my David the Irish :oops:) so that's my urban fishing experience.

I hope to do some when I am in Myrtle Beach in a couple weeks. come on by, if you want :D



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Jim...There is nothing like a great day of fishing to clean the cobwebs out of your brain!! When you're out on the water, with lots of time to think about all the good things surrounding you, it's hard to stay on that pity potty!!! Glad you're feeling better!!!

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So glad to hear you are feeling better. I've been wondering how you've been doing. So is this round of chemo tough? You always handle everything so easily.....

It's great that you felt good enough to go fishing in this heat!!!! You gotta LOVE it 8)


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Glad you're back as we all expected and welcomed. Been there, done that with the trailer lights. Frustrating to say the least. Fishin's been good up here this summer. Lotsa bass and red eared bream. Had a bad experience last week. My neighbor and fishin buddy inadvertently knocked my pride and joy Daiwa bait caster and rod into the lake and we couldn't recover it. Besides that, we didn't catch a fish. Thyroid nodule the least of my probs.

Take care and God Bless,


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Wow, Jim! 20 pounds!!! Congratulations! That's gotta feel good! Bet steak hasn't tasted so good in a long time!

So glad you're feeling like you again. Everything is so much easier to deal with when the dark glasses come off and get to see the world clearly again.

I'm still in awe...TWENTY POUNDS! :D


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