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No birtday card


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Last week was my husbands birthday. It was very sad for me since Pop's always sent him a birthday card. My dad was pretty amazing. He did all of the grocery shopping (even when he was sick...as long as he could get into the wheel chair, his best friend would wheel him around the grocery stores, mall, etc every Saturday...it was there normal routine), he bought and wrote out all of the birthday, anniversary, Easter, and Christmas cards and presents (mom just signed the cards). He did ALL (seriously) of the Christmas shopping.In fact, when he was in the hospital the last time, I told him he had to hang on or he is condeming all of the family to a boring Christmas because we know that mom would either send cash or gift cards. Dad bought such wonderful and thoughful gifts for everyone he knew.

Every other year (when I went home for Christmas) Pop's would drag me up out of bed a O'dark hundred to go to the after-Christmas shopping sales. We would hit the early-bird stores first and then go have breakfast together...just the two of us.

When he died we found a birthday gift that he had bought for his best friend. A few weeks after we went to his best friends house for a bbq before I left (it was also his birthday in a few days). I had wrapped the gift (in sponge bob paper of course...Pop's favorite)and brought it over. He couldn't even open it in front of us because he was already in tears just handing it to him.

Anyway, don't mean to go on but it is just another reminder of how things are changing. I love my mom a lot but I was Pop's little girl and I miss him so much. He taught me so much and there was still so much to learn.....


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It seems like it is the "everyday" things that keep us remembering and missing our loved ones. We are awaiting the arrival of my niece's baby anyday now (doctor says it will be this week!) and we are all so excited. It will be my sister's first grandchild. In the midst of all the happiness this baby is bringing, our family is thinking also of Dad and how much he would have loved his new great-grandchild. My niece has chosen (whether it be a boy or girl) to name her baby after Dad. It is wonderful that your Dad and you shared so much and you will always have those memories.


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I'm sorry that your Pop wasn't here to send that birthday card this year. The fact that he (and the card) were missed goes a long way to say what a big and wonderful part of your life he was. I hope your memories along with the love and support of so many around you make it easier.


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