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I have yet another question!! My FIL is scheduled to have a bronchoscopy and mediatinoscopy on 9/1 - possible surgery on 9/7 if they find that his lymph nodes are not affected. On 8/25 he goes in for his pre-op testing and to meet with the anesthesiologist.

So far, to my knowledge, he has not seen an oncologist. This seems odd to me, but maybe that comes after surgery? I had thought that perhaps he would meet with the oncologist when he goes in on 8/25, but it doesn't sound like it.

Does this sound right?? Or should we be calling and asking?


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With my mom they waited to see what the mediastonoscpy showed, ie w hether lymph nodes were positive. It was, so sitting there in the hospital waiting room, I got her into an oncologist within the week. I would probably get someone lined up in case it takes a bit to make an apt, but that is just me. I have zero patience :)

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It was after the mediastinoscopy that I was onc. referred. However, there was an onc. who did come to my bedside. I didn't particularly care for him. But, then, I didn't like much of anyone at that time.

When I did get all my hospital notes, I did read what he wrote about me. Something about, "informed patient chances of survival, grim."

Ha! NO wonder I didn't like him....^%&*-hole!

Choose your onc well. Ask all over. Ask cancer patients. Ask nurses on the oncology floors. Ask trusted physicians.

This will be the most important relationship. good luck!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Darci,

I'm new to all this too so I'll just jump on the roller coaster seat next to you...

My husband had a chest x-ray (June 21) for surgery pre-op (back surgery) when a mass was found, pretty much indicating LC. Back surgery was postponed indefinately.

He was then sent to his PCP for a CT scan.(June 30) The CT scan didn't look good so he was sent to a Pulmonary doctor for a lung biopsy. (August 10) The biopsy said nsclc, adenocarcinoma, and the doctor told us it was inoperable due to the size of the tumor and my husband's extensive heart problems. He is just now going to an Oncologist this week (August 24) for a PET scan and staging.

Hope this helps.

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No chemo here, referred to the oncologist because the surgeon did HIS job and then there was just cancer to deal with... I went with a recommended oncologist and I think he's great - jeans and sneakers round out the package!

He calls the shots on my cancer care, even if he's sending me to someone else (i.e. radiation).

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