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A New Worry - Thyroid Nodule


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I've heard of Thyroid Nodules but not in relation to Lung Cancer. I came up with one of these dandies during what I thought was a routine ultra-sound of the Carotid Arteries just as a follow up to Carotid Artery Surgery of 4 years ago. They tell me they are common and seldom malignant. My Doc at Roswell Park didn't seem overly concerned and vowed to check it out during CAT Scan Sep 8.

Has anyone had any experience with these dandies? Seems like there is always some sort of Bull Excrement to deal with. Just gotta deal I guess. Git R Done!


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Well, I've had my share of thyroid adventures...but never a nodule.

I'd say...just let them keep an eye on it, go with the general consensus which seems to be that they tend to be benign....and otherwise, Charlie...just...




.........................GIT R DONE! :D:!::!:

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I s'pose this little bugger could turn up anywhere. Bet dollar to doughnuts there is nothing there to be concerned about at all.

Just meddles with the mind, don't it Charlie? All this bull tookie.

I say shake it out and give it not one more thought til the day of your scan, how 'bout?

Been fishin'?

Cindi o'h

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well, I bet yours is nothing - Suki had one back in 1993 which, as it turns out, was a carcinoma in situ of some sort. cancer, but couldn't have spread. so they removed half her thyroid and she lives just fine on one synthroid pill a day.

either way, don't sweat it. nevertheless, sending my "let it just be bull*@ prayers" your way.



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Hi Charlie,

A little different story here regarding thyroid nodules, but there is good news wrapped around it. I had a thyroid nodule in 2001, they scanned it, biopsied it but couldn't tell for sure, did surgery and found it was malignant so removed the thyroid. Treated it with a radioactive iodine treatment that was like walking through a field of tulips compared to the treatments you, my husband, and others have had to endure for lung cancer.

Now, that sounded bad, so here is the good. Several doctors told me that it is VERY common for people to have benign thyroid nodules. Very unusual to be cancer. Even if it is, they are usually slow growing and I know your body has been scanned from the highest hair on your head to your little tippy toe over the past few years. One doctor told me they are benign in 99% of the cases! Another note of interest is that my Mom had thyroid cancer 46 years ago when she was pregnant with me. Of course, some doctors turn their noses up when I ask about some genetic relationship. And, my Mom is kicking and going strong still at age 71(and even had kidney cancer in between!)!

Just let them take a peek in Sept. and I'm sure all will be well.


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