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non-cancer feel good story


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I hope that this can give you all the same feel good feelings that I have just experienced.

Forgive my ramblings for a minute, you need the background.

I just spoke to my 81 year old uncle in England who is a WWII veteran. He had just attended the 60 aniversary of VJ day in London with his veterans group. He had joined the navy as soon as he was old enough to serve as a medic aboard ship in the Atlantic and then the Pacific. He spent a good portion of his service in the Asia rim, liberating Hong Kong prisoners of war among other things.

Whilst attending a wreath laying ceremony he noticed some "young" women behind him who were wearing POW arm bands.

He later asked them about their POW days and they said that they had been brought out of Hong Kong by some sailors who had liberated the camp that held the women and children. When he pressed them for details they named the camp and said that a young sailor had picked them up ( they had been about 9 years old) and taken them back to a ship and they didn't like the needles that he keep poking them with!

Yes you've guessed it HE was the sailor who had poked them, and taken care of them.

He told me that he had wondered for 60 years what had happened to these women and kids and now he was surrounded by them and being kissed and feted like the hero we all knew he had been.

How ironic that he should have been standing in front of this group while surrounded by several hundred other vets who had no connection to anything that he had done during his service.

I am so proud and happy for him that this connection has been made and now one of the "young" women (he said she's pushing 70!) has invited him to visit and get them all caught up on what happened as they were all too young to remember too much.

So that's my story - Reader's Digest version - and my warm and fuzzies are feeling just great. Hope a bit rubs off on you too.


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