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Staying a few steps ahead of it ...


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Had a scan last Friday, after 4 cycles of the oral Topotecan. Looking good! Resolution of the smaller spots on my liver, and the one that started out as the largest is but a mere shadow of its former self.

Today, I start cycle #5 of oral Topo, hoping it keeps doing its thing. The Oncologist is amazed at her "tough ol' bird" patient, as am I. Blood counts holding up, and fatigue is about the only side effect I'm having so far (knock on wood). She says we'll do 2 more cycles for a total of 6, then rescan and see what things look like and go from there.

This was a huge relief, obviously. I was concerned when it started showing up in other places, but knowing that the Topo is working helps a great deal.


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As you well know, dearie...I'm so pleased that the oral Topo is taking such good care of you...and that you continue to feel well. 8) Such a little experimental project, you are! :wink:

Granted, you're a few cycles behind me and taking it orally as opposed to infused....but let me know if/when you start noticing any itchy neuropathy in your extremities...will you? My left foot (why does that sound like a movie? :wink: ) is giving me FITS. Itches to where I want to stick my foot in a paper cutter and lob it off. Left side and sole of left foot and the ankle. Itches all the time. Benadryl helps and benadryl cream....but not 100%

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Thanks, you guys. This comes on the heels of getting my mother settled in the assisted living place where she now has no time for her kids - ha! She will be 92 on Saturday, has made lots of friends there - more than she's had in 30 years, as she was working full time then. She even plays Bingo! This woman is NOT the Bingo type, but she loves it -- won 75 cents the other day!

So that is really GOOD news for the family, and I was of course glad to contribute my own good news.

Ry - isn't that going to get me in to really big trouble joining that caravan? :wink: If not, I ain't goin'!

Addie - no itchies as of yet. I had the worst itching when going through the gallbladder stuff. One of the nurses at the first ERCP told me that was one of the symptoms -- she could see on my back where I'd been scratching. It started on my forearms and feet - like the worst athlete's foot you could imagine, except different. The bile that was supposed to be going in and out of the ducts, vessels, liver, gallbladder, etc., wasn't going through the right channels, so was basically "floating around" my system! Ick. Once I got the stent placed, it was all better, and hasn't come back.

For any of the rest of you who have had or may get Topotecan, it's great stuff as far as I'm concerned! The study I'm in is just to compare the oral/coated capsule form with the IV. It seems to be working well on me! I get at total of 25 mg. over a 5 day period; 5 mg. worth of pills each day, then 2 weeks off, another 5 day cycle of 25 mg., 2 weeks off, then a scan to check progress.

Oh, how I do treasure these good days, and wish for the very same for all of you.


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So great to hear this news!!! You're absolutely right! Keeping one step ahead is a very good thing. Hey...that could be a hop ahead...a jump ahead...it really doesn't matter, as long as you're keeping ahead!! So glad to read this news. Hope the Topetecan continues to do its thing for you!

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