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GFLCF Walk & Rally in MI


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Gianni Ferrarotti Lung Cancer Foundation is hosting its 2nd Walk and Rally on Sunday, September 18 at Kensington Metro Park.

We are joining forces with Karmanos to combat lung cancer in a research study. The project is looking for smokers or former smokers 35 years of age or older, who have smoked more than 30 pack/years(the # of packs per day multiplied by the # of years smoked) as well as those with curatively treated head and neck cancers(regardless of smoking status) 18 years of age or older, are eligable for participation. The program includes a novel approach to lung cancer screening in the community. It is free of charge.

Go to our website www.gianniscause.com for more information on the walk or research study.



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We had a great day! :D Good weather and many good people. I was glad to see Ry and John with their daughter. :D We had around 200 walkers again.

This year we had a research van from Karmanos testing smokers and former smokers. They did quite well. Usually when they don't set up appointments they have 4 people get tested. At our walk, they tested 14 and had to turn people away.

Hope to see more at our walk next year.


Gianni Ferrarotti Lung Cancer Foundation

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