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Vision changes - WBR or met?

gerbil runner

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My mother has been "plugging along" for the past couple of months - getting a little stronger, but having some new vision problems.

She has the beginnings of cataracts, and has had a very significant vision change in one eye, according to her eye doctor. Mom is having trouble reading because of it.

Mom, Dad and I haven't talked about what this might mean. The cataracts I assume are a result of the WBR she finished in April. But the vision change in one eye...has anyone had this happen from WBR? We're praying it's not another brain met.

I'm very worried for her.

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I am also having noticable vision problems since WBR. From what I understand vision problems can be due to WBR, medications, and chemo. I know that Iressa causes vision problems in some people too.

I saw my doc today and he is referring me to an opthamologist (sp) to check things out.


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I also had vision problems after 20 PCI treatments. Didn't notice it after chemo. Went to an opthomoligist also and ruled out anything serious. I waited for about 6 months after treatment so it would hopefully settle down, then I went to my eye doctor and got a new prescription. My far sight had gotten better and my near sight had worsened. So far my new glasses are working. Sometimes I still have blurring. I finished treatment last November. Hope this helps


Nancy B

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Ditto what Nancy said.

WBR or mets or another possibility - changes associated with age as in my case! When I turned 40, the eye doc told me I'd have to have glasses soon. I held out until around 50 and just need reading glasses so far. I've noticed a change in my left eye too, and the Oncologist wants me to wait until I'm in an off week of chemo or done with it to get them checked, as she says there could be more changes.

I try not to borrow trouble, but it's common to us all to worry about things in a different way than before hearing the big "C" word for the first time, I think.


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Had PCI last November, 13 txs. Just started WBR (reduced dosage, same as PCI) and in just days, I am noticing my vision is fuzzier.

Actually, it was a bit fuzzier before I started this round of rad from the tumors, I suspect. But the rad is making it more noticeable.

Along the way since original dx, even chemo has affected how easily I am able to read and for distance too, when I drove...but I'm holding out too on new glasses. Need to go get another pair of those cheap magnifiers at the drug center. :wink:

I can still find the caramel filled Milky Ways...so I figure all is not lost yet 8):lol: !

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