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Bad news, so totally sucks...


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Hi all:

Have been away from the boards for awhile, my apologies for that. I think that I have been trying to deny my Mom's illness, or something like that.

Not so good news, I am afraid, from her last check-up August 16. They had noticed "something" at her last appointment, so they did a CT. They have found that there is new growth at the site of her previous tumour in her left lung, but nowhere else.

I am terrified beyond belief now. Her onc. is so gloom and doom and some of my relatives are the same way.

Does she have a chance guys to become NED and stay that way? They are restarting chemo with her on Monday and I am just not sure what to think of it all.

Hope all is well with everyone, my prayers for you all,


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I don't know about you, but I found the REcurrance about 100 times scarier than the original dx. just seems, I don't know, meaner somehow.

if they're willing to treat her, there's a shot. hang in there. I am sorry she's got more work to do. we're all here and pulling for you.



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Like Amie, I found the first recurrence far more scary than the original dx.

Now I'm on my second recurrence. I wouldn't exactly say I was blase about it :roll: but it does strike a chord for the "treat this like a chronic disease" sort of setback.

I just keep moving forward with treatment...and hope you and your mom can do the same. Topotecan, as a second line tx for l.c., seems to be very effective. Several here are having good luck with it, including myself. It's tolerable and cleaned out my pancreas, reduced liver tumors to half their size and has held the liver stable ever since.

Best of luck to you and Mom....and don't give up hope...there are things yet to be done!

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Deb, my best, of course, to your mom and you and your entire family, but just try to take a deep breath and see what comes next.

Like Addie and some others, it was like a whack up side the head to find out I had mets after I thought I'd defeated the beast during the first go-round.

My goal from day 1 has been really simple -- to maximize my survival. When they have a treatment for what I have, I ask a jillion questions about it and then decide what to do -- or not do. I can't stand the "gloom and doom" crew either -- tell them to STOP that stuff! Sheesh.

Hang in there. This is an extremely difficult battle, to say the least.


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Hi everyone:

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and prayers, it means so much. As far as Topotecan goes, up here in Canada, they say it is still experimental :roll: .

Just got another call from the "gloom and doom fairy"---my brother, think I might drive out to his place and beat him :shock::twisted: !! Just kidding (sorta :wink: )...I will keep you posted and my fingers, toes, eyes, pretty much anything I can, crossed.

Love and prayers to you all,


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Deb, so sorry to hear about your mom's new test results. Like others have said, please don't panic. If you don't like what this doc says, find another one that isn't gloom and doom and is willing and ready to fight!! In the meantime, I'll be saying lots of prayers for both you and your mom!

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