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Charlie Update #46


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Didn't realize this forum changed to where it includes updates. Well, here goes.

I send email updates to a long list of family, friends, co-workers, church, etc. Here is the update I just sent out:

Quick update. We saw the pulmunologist today. He is going to do a bronchoscopy on Charlie Thursday afternoon at Baptist West to determine if he is a candidate for the endobrachytherapy. If he is, it will be scheduled when his blood counts are as good as possible. This will likely be in a couple of weeks. Probably just before his next round of chemo.

Speaking of chemo., he has completed two out of three days of the new chemo. He will be getting the new medication (Avastin) tomorrow along with the VP16.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He was amazing yesterday for our anniversary! Very upbeat. Took me to Regas for dinner--one of our favorites. He also got me some wonderful gifts including 24 red roses.

So much for quick update. I will update when I know more--probably Thursday night. Thanks so much for your prayers, cards, emails, calls, etc., etc. I know your prayers have made a hugh difference and will continue to make a hugh difference! Miracles DO happen! Take care and God bless you.


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Charlie is such a wonderful man. :) He is so considerate and romantic even with all he is going through. You certainly have one of the good ones!!

May you guys share many many many anniversaries.

I pray all goes well with him.


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Happy, happy anniversary to the both of you! Charlie -- hang in there. Prayers are coming at you from all directions!

When I told my mother my good news last night, I was trying to explain in terms she could understand what was going on with the drugs, blood counts, etc. She told me that I could just inform my Oncologist that I was doing so well because my mother prayed for me to - ha! I'll have her do the same for you, and you'll be just fine!


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