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Getting to Know You - August 24


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Cuss, stomp around, cuss, maybe throw something small, cuss some more, keep on stompin'.

My favorite is to see how many cuss words can be strung together (all in my head), in how many different combinations!

My fanatasy reaction is to sweep all the dishes off a shelf with my arm........don't want to clean it up though so won't be doing it.


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I write mostly, too. Till I get my venom to a reasonable level...and then sometimes I send the letter! :shock: Mostly I don't though....the writing is just a good purge.

Or I vacuum or scrub "terlets". :roll: Some form of housework to work out the physical energies of it all.

This is a timely question, because an idea for a post has been tooling around my slightly Decadron-influenced brain this morning...and I'll probably post when I get back from radiation. You'll see then, what the link is to today's question. :wink:

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If it is an inanimate object that caused my anger (like trailer tail lights) I just get up an walk away for while.

If it is a similar human being that caused the anger I tell them my feelings, listen to them and then if need be walk away.

I try to make it a game, if they make me mad...they won....if I make them mad....I won.


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If I'm REALLY angry, I cry!!! I just hate to be in a really angry confrontation with someone and cry. I feel that they think I'm a real wimp but...when I get mad enough to cry....look out! That's when my mouth becomes uncontrollable and I say things I often regret later!

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I am a cryer. it's so disempowering. I swear like a sailor, too. :oops: I try to stomp around, but I am so klutzy I usually trip, which of course makes whoever else is there laugh...which often diffuses the whole situation.

I try to talk through it, when it involves someone I care about, without saying mean things.

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Sometimes I post replies to wacky messageboard posts that hit me wrong. ;)

I write.

I'm also a cryer... The worst thing is when you're REALLY angry and need to *look* angry... and I burst into tears and just look like a slobbering fool and can't put a cohesive sentence together to save me... I hate that. Then I get angrier and cry more. ;)

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how do I respond to anger?

Let me count the ways....!

Depends on what is UNDERNEATH that anger.

If it is fear, then I cry...for sure!

If it is embarrassment, I may lash out if someone embarrassed me in public.

If it is hurt, I may lash out again, or I may keep it in if I feel that someone hurt my feelings by accident.

If it is helplessness plus fear, I go into a rage! Yikes! lookout!

Whenever I do become angry, I do try to look to see what feeling is underneath. There is always something else. It does help me to stand back, if I can, to look to see what is really going on and then deal with that underlying feeling.

I do bite.

It is the bain of my life.

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