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Getting to Know You - August 24


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I like to make up fake profanity, and then yell it loudly and with vigor! No one can get mad at me, because I really haven't said anything wrong, but it sure gets the point across.

Last year I'd 'yell' at my 8th graders in German. Really all I said was "the soap", but it sounded impressive. I didn't tellthem what it meant until graduation. It sure got their attention, though.

:) Kelly

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Lord knows angry is something i know well...i think i have anger issues! :shock: Kidding!

It all depends on why i'm angry...If it's my daughter acting up, i hate to say, i tend to yell! :oops: If it's my husband, i'm a slammer...cabinet doors and drawers mostly. He's gotten really good at putting one specific drawer front back on. :roll: If it's at myself, i cry...a friend, i get nasty sarcastic and usually regret it later. One thing i'm NOT good at is keeping it to myself! :shock: You know that saying...if momma's not happy, ain't nobody happy? That's life around here :wink:

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Depends on the cause.

Stepped in cat puke, carrying a stack of library books to the car and they fall all over the ground, can't find one of my shoes when I'm in a rush: I mutter swear words (like Geri, I have a favorite string of words!)

Someone is rude, crude, or insulting: I am always shocked into silence and stupidity for a moment. If the person's a real jerk, I usually just ignore them or walk away. If it's a person who's not normally a jerk, I kind of complain in joking form.

Someone mistreats an animal - WATCH OUT! :evil: But, being basically passive-aggressive, I call the Animal Control Officer, leave an unsigned note on their door. If they are violent or mean right in front of me, I speak up and shame them.

If it's work-related, I ask for a meeting and plan EVERYTHING I want to say and blow them away in a professional, mature, articulate manner. When I'm prepared, I can stand up to ANYONE! Catch me off guard and I might start crying.


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WOW! This is a good one.

I am usually the one who stays calm. My whole family can be ready to go to blows and here I am saying stop-sit down and lets talk.

If my my hubby is losing it and has been losing it for days I finally can not take it, I get sarcastic, what ever he says-"I am so sick of ____ not having a job" I will reply, me too really sucks huh? He calls me a smart aleck, and I will say yeah that sucks too huh. I just keep replying til he stomps upsatirs to the bedroom and slams the door. I just sit on the couch with a mean grin like-gotcha!

I hardly EVER yell. I think it comes from growing up with a screaming dad. Plus my first hubby was really mean and loud when he drank.

I just try to talk it out. Or hold it in. Probably not the best way but if all else fails-


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