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Thanks you for your responses about my mother


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I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to get such kind, thoughtful responses. I can not tell you enough how much your words helped me to try and understand what my mother must be feeling but can't express verbally. I've decided to hold onto the information that I've found and let her slowly let this sink in, and the doctor promised me he'd share more with her as he felt she could handle it. She told me last night that for the first 3 appointments all she heard in her head was 'cancer' repeating itself. She said she just can't get past that word...so I will let her work through it and continue to be supportive. I think Sharyn said it so well when she said that it must be her own coping mechanism to protect herself. I'm trying to get her to eat more protein during chemo, etc. since she's never been a healthy eater (the woman is fine with a can of soup for food all day and always has been a little thing...he he). I'm an only child, parents are divorced and she has no family to speak of around...so I'm trying to prepare myself for the long haul. Thank God I have my husband to help me out when I need some support, and it's so helpful to know I've met such great people on this board. Thanks again guys!

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when your Mom wants to know, she will ask.

Never lie to her. However, helps to put a very positive spin to things.


Mom. "how long have I got?"

you. "hard to say... most don't survive, some do. They do say if you eat two cans of soup a day, the liklihood of your survival is increased twofold!"

helps to have some humor and silliness thrown in there!

I gotta tell you, though. You never know. There are lots of extensive stage 4's running around. And I am not kidding. Why can't your mom be one????

I say she can!

Sounds like she has a good doc working with her. Hope she will get some aggressive treatment, cuz it sounds as if she wants to live. Often after a lc diagnosis a person experiences the most joy, love, and happiness in their life! She may well be one of those! ya never know!

All my best to you and your Mom.

Will look for more news and updates from you.

cindi o'h

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I don't think I posted last time-I have been known to have the -hated-chemo brain (very forgetful)! I am one of those stage 4 or better known extensive (sclc) stagers still running amuck!!

I have been going since Feb 2001. Read my profile below. I am still going-slowly some days but thats OK. I am now in my second period of remission. I am working again, teaching in the nursing dept. at the local college.

Please tell her

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