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Went to anew Doctor today i guess i would be stage 3 fromwh


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This is what the surgeon said today. It’s the lymph node by the bronchi that is the biggest concern. Not only did that glow in the PET scan but that can mean removing the whole lung .

He said that the chances of the tumor and the lymph node being malignant is 97% they can not say 100% without the proof of the biopsy. They can tell by the rate of growth and more.

This doctor showed me every single picture of the cat scan and explained everyone. I am trying to get it right . I am overwhelmed. The other doctor did not tell me the lymph nodes glowed he said it was inconclusive.

Metabolic activity especially in the lymph nodes has increase dramatically. Survival he sai and cure depends on the lymph nodes the liver and the kidney. Kidney and liver and brain look good. Don’t know about bones. All I know is they are not the same.

In my case it is now the lymphatic system.The lymphatic system is one of the body's natural defences against infection. It is made up of organs such as the bone marrow, thymus and spleen.

It is important that they know theprimary cancer has spread to involve any nearby lymph nodes, because it helps the doctors to estimate the risk of the cancer coming back, and to decide whether further treatment is necessary.

We already know that the cancer in the lymph nodes was malignant three months ago after many tests and the PET Scan. The sugar in the radiation that is injected in me is absorbed by the malignant cells and makes them glow. The lymph node clearly lit up. They glowed three months ago. This told us that there is definitely a secondary cancer in the lymph nodes and quite clearly linked to the primary cancer.

I asked for another one that could possibly show more because I was unable to lay completely still for the last one. He is not going to give me another PET scan to the tune of $8,000 dolars.

The treatment for a cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes depends on the individual situation, including the person's general health and type of primary cancer.

In my situation Chemotherepy in addition to the surgery is absolutely necessary. This is because the primary cancer has spread to the nearby lymph glands which increases the risk that the cancer may have spread to other parts of the body.

The Chemotherapy can reduce the chance of the cancer coming back for some people. In addition to the Chemo Therapy I would possibly need radiation. I forgot why.

I looked this up an it said that with what AI know I am at stage 3A. This was a shock. I wish I had been told this before and got all this at one time. The other surgeon didn’t even tellme that my lymph nodes glowed. The lymph node is by the bronchial something.

Being told that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes believe me is an additional shock. I was in shock immediately when told about the tumor in the lung.

Thiso stage 3A for sure is another shock. I should have been told that in the beginning also Prognosis for 3A is 23 percent. Prognosis of 3B is 5 percent.

Now I know you say ignore the statistics but do they have to keep putting them in front ofme? This time it’s okay cause I don’t know what 23% means anyway. All I know is it looks and Sounds better than 97% chance of not surviving two years.

It seams like that novalis beam surgery would be better than this, to me that is. Anybody know about this first. I’d rather have that then the chemo destroying all my good cells. But then I don’t know what I’m talking about. Sounds more palatable.

He said he must have the results of lung functioning test. I guess if that is bad that changes everything and we would face that if that time came. He didn’t want to overwhelm me I think.

Rather than have a whole lot of radiation why not get zapped big time and hit only the bad things and not the good cells? But then if it was that simple I would imagine a whole lot of people would be doing just that. How come they don’t?

I think maybe I’m still in shock. I don’t know what the heck I think. I know 3a is to levels before 4 which by the way it made verey clear one has less than one year. They need to be more considerate and put the prognosis in a separate place for peole to chose to read or not read.

THe doctor is calling me tomorrow about the lung functioning. Can Anybody think of anything I should ask him? How would I know what to ask I never been through this before? And, it is from smoking. I might as well smoke until the surgery what the heck is the difference now? The doctor didn't say I was in stage three but evereything he said describes stage three. I don't understand how to read these results. There was no way I was swriting my tale of woe over again after the whole thing got wiped out. I did this in word and transfered most of it! More than one way to skin a cat!

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Hi Melody.

Sounds like you are making progress.

As far as the lung function test goes, this is one that you don't have to study for. You just show up and then the respiratory therapist will guide you through.

Then, too, you don't have to worry about being able to read it. There are people who will do that for you too.

If I recall correctly, before a lung surgery is scheduled, a PFT is done to understand how everything is working. In a way, it can determine if you a a candidate for lung surgery and what your limitations may be. Or your attributes. Either way.

In any event, it does sound as if you are making progress. You do sound nervous to me. It is a nerve-wracking experience.

Do you have a sound personal support system in place? Close friends or family who can help to sort out your decisions? Or just to lend an ear or shoulder? Not that it is required, just concerned here.

There are agencies who may be able to help you through the scary parts too. Do you have a social worker? You mentioned sec.8 housing in a previous thread.

You are not alone. If you need help with finding resources, we can help with that. So often, these resources can come directly from the doctors and nurses who are helping you.

Take care,

Cindi o'h

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Dear Melody,

It sounds like you had alot to absorb during your appointment and it can be overwhelming. I know it is easy to get caught up in the statistics and survival percentages, but it's really all a load of crap (can I say crap here?). You are the master of your fate and this is a huge battle you are fighting. It's much easier said than done (especially when coming from a caregiver and not a cancer patient), but try to forget what they tell you to expect and pave a new road for yourself and the rest of us here.

I admire your determination to fully understand the treatment plan and ask questions or ponder alternate plans. I, myself, think that I would just be so drained I would tell the Drs. to do whatever they thought was best...however, my husband being the patient; I'm right there with you asking, pushing and wanting to know where, what, when, why and how!

Hang in there and please come back and let us know how you are doing.

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It isn't the end.... there is life after 3A. Also, my surgeon told me if I could cut down to much less than half a pack a day, it would help be in best shape for surgery.

I did, chewed nicotine gum, only had a couple every day. After surgery went 8 months just with gum. It helps you heal, hon, really it does. That's also why the lung function test, see how much damage is done already, my dr wouldn't have done it if I had had much less than I did, I had about 73% lung function after 27 years of smoking, and a year of off again on again quitting and fighting and quitting and fighting some more.

I am still here 5 years later.

You know in your gut if you trust your doctor. If you don't, find one you do trust.

And hang in there. Forget the stats.

you are either here or not. You may as well be the one who is here.

Stay with us, we'll help you through...



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I am so glad to see you armed with more info. You can fight this! Ignore the time prognosis, my mom had lung tumors with lymph involvment in 2000 and again this year. They removed her lung, and she is considered cancer free. Everyone here told me surgery is good news - I thought they were nuts, but it really is. Means they can get it all.

I can't help you re: the novalis. I am so glad you're using your resources. I agree with cindi, talk to a social worker.



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Melody, this is a lot of information for you to digest at one time. Rather that trying to read the reports alone and not fully understand, why don't you call your oncologists office and make an appointment to have someone go over everything with you. I used to drive my self crazy attempting to figure out what Dennis's reports and paperwork really meant. Remember, this is a great place for answers to questions and lots of support! I'm great at hugs (((((((((((Melody)))))))))) but really lousy with medical terminology!!! Ann

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Melody: if the docs are still talking surgery, that is good. Ihope the pulmonary test comes out strong and you can have an operation. I am not sure about why the radiation either, unless they want to do it before they operate.

Like Ann, I think it would be a good idea to to talk to your oncologist to go over all that stuff. take someone with you to help listen and sort it out.

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